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Will IoT and M2M mean anything for the channel?

Oct 11, 2016 5:00:43 AM Tech Data Europe IoT, Channel, Enterprise IoT, Internet of Things (IoT), M2M

IoT and M2M learning are going to get a lot of coverage this year but do they offer any revenue generating potential for the channel?

Craig Smith, director IoT & Analytics, EMEA, Avnet Technology Solutions Craig Smith, director IoT & Analytics, EMEA, Avnet
Technology Solutions

Whilst the notion “anything that can be connected, will be connected” may be a bit overwhelming, this is not a new concept for the channel where networking and security is the mainstay of business.

The opportunity that Internet of Things (IoT) opens up for enterprise connectivity is immense.  Employee productivity, increased asset utilisation and supply chain efficiencies are just some of the key benefits organisations will enjoy.

One of the most exciting opportunities is greater use of smart devices in the enterprise space.  More easily accessible, near real-time organisational and operational information will lead to greater efficiencies for frontline staff and faster more effective decision making for business leaders. The networking and security infrastructure requirements to deal with vast amounts of data and analytics will provide the perfect storm of opportunities for the channel.

In this enterprise connectivity phase of IoT, the market for analytics software will open up even further.  The need for predictive and reflective analytics will present an ideal opportunity for consultancy and services for those business partners skilled and nimble enough to take advantage of them.  Services will enable partners to stay close to customers as they find additional business applications for IoT and machine to machine (M2M).  Channel partners will need to keep ahead of the game to provide business solutions using the most relevant software, networking and security products.

Security software and services are already in high demand to manage data transfer and analytics without leaking information and risking security intrusions.  Data derived through automated responses from remote sensors requires a more advanced level of security.

For example, transmitting data remotely from an oil rig floating in the North Sea requires secure cloud storage which is capable of handing millions of small data packages securely from multiple devices and locations.  Mobility adds another dimension with the requirement for asset tracking and management, as well as secure data transmissions over public networks.  What UK business partner wouldn’t like an opportunity to take at the look at the security requirements around this application?

As the different phases of IoT and M2M arise it will be impossible for individual channel partners to keep tabs on every opportunity. Building a robust IoT ecosystem with distribution at the core will be the secret to success for the channel in the coming year.

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