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Time to get smart with our training budgets

Dec 7, 2015 6:37:24 AM Tech Data Europe IT Training, Employee Engagement, Training

Richard Whitson, Academy Business Development Manager, Avnet Academy

When people tell me training is expensive, I am quick to point out that it’s not as expensive as ignorance and unused training budgets.

When it comes to some of the data centre technologies, you just can’t afford the risk of ‘learning on the job’. If things go wrong, the consequences don’t bear thinking about. A training budget is a precious thing all too often taken for granted. In a knowledge economy, our ability to acquire and purchase knowledge is what gives organisations a competitive advantage.  IT training helps you leverage your investments in IT to get the technology to do more.  Unspent training budgets represent wasted opportunity and put an organisation at risk from falling behind its competitors.  Here are two things all organisations should be considering.

Firstly, maximise flexibility.  Most training budgets are set around financial years rather than when and where the training is needed. Often these two things are mis-aligned and companies end up sacrificing training budgets at the end of a financial year because they are unused, or worse they get spent on things that aren’t going to drive the right results. Organisations need to find training providers that allow them to park a training budget with them and then schedule the training as and when it’s needed. This flexibility means organisations can ensure training budgets are spent on the right things at the right time. This might mean waiting until the employee, project or customer is ready.

Secondly organisations should be looking at ways of getting more training days for their money.  If you bought a stack of training credits, you should be looking to save up to 25% off the cost of training. This is a smart way of using your training budget. Remember training equals competitive advantage.  If you can increase that by up to 25%, this can only be a good thing for your organisation.

At Avnet we recognise that training is an important factor in employee engagement, because it helps them stay interested and maximises their potential. Partner with the right training provider, be smart with your training budget and suddenly you’ll find it far easier to accelerate your success.

There is additional information on our website about Avnet training credits: https://academy.avnet.com/uk/training/pre-purchase/

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