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The what for who, and why it’s you!

May 17, 2021 5:38:06 AM Neil Cornish Strategy, Business Transformation, IT Skills

As both the country and the IT industry see a return to growth, businesses are working on their transformation strategies.


But what is meant by transformation? What are businesses trying to transform? And to what? For who? And how does the transformation impact on both existing employees and those they are looking to recruit.


I was fortunate to be part of an interesting discussion on transformation and how that impacted the changes in employment policies regarding graduates last week. One large financial institution said their UK graduate intake of 50 was now a global intake of 50. And they now only took on those holding a masters. This was echoed by a large Systems Integrator, traditionally known for recruiting graduates, who had seen a significant reduction in their intake.


I asked them why they thought this was. They argued that investment in IT and automation was reducing the need for the work typically performed by graduates. The focus was on keeping their experienced heads who understood the business, whilst investing in their IT systems to support them. Transforming businesses it seems, rarely means recruiting more people.


This is a new perspective coming out of the pandemic. The costs associated with training young people in the business are significant and the benefits take time to be realised. Meanwhile businesses have to be agile, responsive and cost competitive. New employees need to add value quickly in what is becoming an ever more competitive environment.


It is easy to leave the responsibility for their own success with the new recruits. “Work harder, study more”. But there is a responsibility on those managing businesses today to support and mentor the graduates coming into our businesses. These will be the managers, directors and owners of future businesses. The people we will rely on to ensure our pension funds continue to meet our expectations.


For those of us fortunate enough to have senior positions and experience in the industry we need to recognise our obligation to pass knowledge on to those who will follow us.


Although not the original focus for our Ecosystem Value Proposition Workshops, we have found that they provide an opportunity for new recruits to better understand the business they have joined. Determining the “what for who, and why it’s you” can be helpful to both management and new recruits alike.


Having graduates or new employees as part of the workshop can help management in both testing the messages they wish to convey and in educating the new recruits in the thought processes behind the business strategy.


The IT Industry continues to offer huge opportunity for an increasingly diverse graduate intake. It is up to those of us within the industry today to help those who want to follow.


At Tech Data we look forward to working with you, as you transform your business and support those new recruits who will run the industry’s businesses of the future.


Neil Cornish

Written by Neil Cornish

Neil Cornish is Business Development Manager at Tech Data UK


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