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The new way to connect and manage your workforce

Jan 29, 2021 8:20:18 AM Stefania Mungai Operations, Remote Workforce, Online Collaboration

Within most modern businesses, workforces are finding themselves more dispersed than ever before. The advance of new technologies, combined with unprecedented global events, have forced many businesses to go remote – with workers clocking in from home, the local coffee shop, or anywhere with a decent internet connection.


But, while this forced change in working environments might have done wonders for flexible working policies, the suddenness of it all has affected how efficiently lots of businesses’ IT operations run. Lots of us are now finding that our operations are split, with applications, systems and servers now spread across multiple technologies and platforms.

Working from home: what’s the problem?


Well, for most workers on the ground, there isn’t one. But, for those IT operators, business owners and financial managers crunching the numbers – it’s just the opposite.

Having a remote workforce can drastically affect how smoothly a business runs. The need to keep everyone and everything connected and secure is not only super complex, but creates both time and cost constraints too.


Having applications, systems and servers spread across different technologies and platforms can become a logistical nightmare for the teams tasked with managing them. And trying to integrate technologies that don’t share the same tools can create a manual way of working that doesn’t really benefit anyone.


“Over 75% of enterprise organisations use four or more network management tools, and 25% use 11 or more.” – Aruba ESP


Joining the dots with a Unified Infrastructure


Aruba ESP’s Unified Infrastructure is designed to join those dots; helping businesses to start simplifying things by connecting and managing their IT operations all in one place.


Through Aruba Central, this cloud native platform delivers simple and secure operations. It creates a single pane of glass for businesses, allowing them to connect widespread applications, systems and servers across the Edge into one solitary platform.


This means that businesses can start to recoup the time that IT teams are spending manually operating systems, to become more productive without losing money or time.


Connecting at the Edge has never been simpler


Through Aruba ESP’s Unified Infrastructure, users benefit from improved UX and issues fixed before they’re even noticed by IT teams. It’s efficient from the word go, having been designed to easily integrate with existing infrastructure that businesses might already have in place.


Put simply, choosing Aruba ESP means that connecting at the Edge has never been simpler. It means that businesses can truly get the Edge.


To find out more about what selling Aruba ESP with Tech Data could mean for you, get in touch today.

Stefania Mungai

Written by Stefania Mungai

Senior Enablement Executive, HPE Central, Tech Data EMEA


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