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Teach without Travel – how can AV accelerate the new normal?

Jun 16, 2020 5:20:00 AM David Johnson Technologies, Education, COVID-19

We are already seeing the impact of Covid-19 for schools as they start to return after a long period in lockdown. With only limited numbers returning, to ensure social distancing can be maintained in class, and many more at home distance learning, there is a need more than ever for technology to help support and enhance the learning experience, whether physically in class or virtual, the classroom must be connected. David Johnson, General Manager Maverick Europe explains;


With leading platforms such as Google Classroom, Zoom and Microsoft Teams enabling learning to become a more collaborative experience, the virtual and physical classroom can have access to the same assets and learning tools simultaneously. Technology is also available to bring these platforms to life at the visual edge of the platform.


96% of teachers believe technology has had a positive impact in the way children participate in class. The concept of a blended learning environment, alongside the right AV solution will allow both the classroom and its occupants to be connected with those who are working from home.


What can the AV channel do to enable this change? Over the years we have learnt an incredible amount about collaboration, an area which is critical in education now. By applying the principles and solutions which are bringing remote workers into workplaces, we are able to rapidly deploy solutions which are needed right now and into the future.


By rapidly reassessing what schools need right now, the AV community can answer problems presented by the crisis to teachers and IT managers in education environments. This disrupts and rewrites the usual installation period, and enables us to innovate in a way which has never happened before, which may be uncomfortable but puts us the heart of the future of education.


The increased interest in technology for schools will include familiar in-class technology such as Interactive whiteboards and displays, from leading brands including Promethean, Smart and Avocor and projection devices for larger classrooms from Epson and others. However new brands to education will make a huge impact, including camera and audio devices from Logitech, Huddly and Sony.


In addition to changes in the way we learn, there will be stricter enforcement of safeguarding, wellbeing, and social distance rules, the way in which this will be delivered will need to be more dynamic, ideally through signage displays throughout a school or University, calling out messaging in real time to fit the audience and activities being carried out. The dynamic and smart signage being championed as we come out of lockdown is more connected than ever before, bringing signage software platforms to the fore and utilising infrastructure which has been in place but under-utilised from our display manufacturers for decades.


Talk to us now about how we can help the channel to deliver connected classrooms in the new normal by visiting https://eu.techdata.com/maverick-av-solutions and getting in touch with your in country specialists.

David Johnson

Written by David Johnson

General Manager, Maverick AV Solutions Europe at Tech Data


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