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Tech Data Partners with Android to bring Enterprise Essentials to the market.

Posted by Dan Steel on Jul 20, 2021 11:11:50 AM

Android Enterprise Essentials is a brand-new standalone Mobile Device Management (MDM) solution. Essentials has been designed and built by the Android team at Google. It stands out for its pure simplicity to set up and manage. Plus, with all the cybersecurity features it offers, it represents incredible value for money. These characteristics make it an ideal MDM solution for small to medium enterprises.

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Topics: Cybersecurity, Mobile Security, Enterprise Mobile Applications, Android

Canalys pinpoints traits of fast-growth cybersecurity partners

Posted by Lawrence Roberts on Jul 20, 2021 6:28:56 AM

Canalys can reveal the top traits of fast-growing cybersecurity partners, as uncovered by an assessment of cybersecurity partner capabilities run in conjunction with Trend Micro and Tech Data and powered by the Canalys Alys platform.

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Topics: Cybersecurity, Cyberthreat Assessments, Cyber

2021 Predictions - Anticipate The Future

Posted by Brett Scott on Mar 23, 2021 6:47:19 AM

2020 was a very disruptive year. We saw a massive workforce shift to work-from-home/remote work. This shift moved most employees outside the protective firewalled security of their corporate networks. Those organizations that were actively pursuing digital transformation simply accelerated their plans. Those who had not, either started or simply put their heads in the sand.

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Topics: Cybersecurity, Ransomware, Cyberattacks, Privacy, Remote Workforce

How can channel businesses provide cybersecurity with confidence?

Posted by David Caughtry on Mar 11, 2021 3:00:00 AM

The channel has always been strong at innovating with technology to help their customers address their most pressing business challenges. What’s changed in the last 18 months or so, is the need to wrap cybersecurity around these technology solutions. Laws and regulations today take the issue of data protection extremely seriously. Any organisation that wants a future selling technology needs to be able to have a conversation with their customers around cybersecurity. Then when the global pandemic hit in March 2020, many organisations found themselves with a dramatically altered IT footprint, and consequently new gaps in their cybersecurity posture. Bad actors were quick to react, becoming more prolific and innovative in their methods of targeting organisational data.

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Topics: Cybersecurity, Business Intelligence, Business Evolution

Tech Data Breaks Cylance on Blackberry

Posted by Dan Steel on Mar 3, 2021 11:46:24 AM

In 2020, weve seen the rate of digitalisation accelerate faster than any year in history. This acceleration has come with implications for organisations and their cybersecurity posture. Today, organisations have a much more hybrid workforce than they did at the start of 2020. This has resulted in a dramatic shift in organisations looking at how they maximise productivity with teams working from home and the workplace. In addition, there is a big focus on making those workspaces (offices, factories, retail, etc.) safe spaces for those who occupy them.  Technology is playing a major role in both these considerations. Wrapped around this, is the really important issue of cybersecurity. We often describe cybersecurity as the catalyst for innovation, because if you cant get the security right, often the innovation cant be implemented.

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Lawrence Roberts interviews Tech Data’s David Ellis and Meg Hargrove to explore how partners can help their customers protect attack surfaces from cyber attacks

Posted by Lawrence Roberts on Feb 15, 2021 11:08:55 AM

Question: What we mean by an attack surface?

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Tech Data Switches the Lights on to Carbon Black

Posted by Dan Steel on Jul 27, 2020 10:04:22 AM

Tech Data’s European Security Vendor Manager - Dan Steel explains why the company has added VMware Carbon Black to its cybersecurity portfolio in Europe.

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Topics: Cybersecurity, VMware, Endpoint Security

Securing the Cloud

Posted by Bart Van Moorsel on Jul 1, 2019 4:11:06 AM

What is the Cloud all about?

IT today sounds a bit like the weather forecast, you keep on hearing about the Cloud. Although everything seems to have its sunny and rainy days, the cloud we will discuss today has nothing to do with the weather. The Cloud in IT terms stands for the assets you use over the internet. So for a users’ point of view they are ‘somewhere out there’. And out there is referred to somewhere in the sky, we cannot touch or see the systems that are involved.

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