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SPI tool and DSPB: Your security journey just got a whole lot easier

Mar 18, 2021 8:13:08 AM Jade Witte Security, Digital Security Practice Builder, SPI tool

Last spring, we launched our Tech Data Solutions Product Inventory (SPI) Tool and our Digital Security Practice Builder (DSPB), to help channel partners rapidly build or enhance their own sustainable and profitable security practice. We knew there was a great need for these applications, but the response we received from partners has been tremendous. We took that positive momentum and began thinking of new ways to raise the bar and use these tools to bring even more value to our partners. Keep reading to discover what new features have been added to each of these innovative digital offerings.


Our Tech Data SPI Tool is an online tool that enables our partners to search for solutions in various categories and subcategories of security solutions providing an excellent reference guide. It is also a great way for sales reps to learn the areas of security and the solutions that fall into those categories. Initially launched as a prototype over two years ago, in the first quarter of 2020 we upgraded the site to include the following: 


• Expanded its capabilities internationally. Depending on what country you are located, the tool will help you find the solutions Tech Data is authorized to distribute in that region. 

• Expanded its database to include our DLT Public Sector vendors authorized to distribute in this market segment adding more selling options for our partners. 


In late November 2020 we made additional improvements: 


• Improved the searching capability of the tool allowing for geo location to assist with the search. 

• Enabled the ability to send search results to others. 

• Fixed a few bugs when users had not selected a specific country in their search. 


Digital Security Practice Builder is another tool our partners have seen tremendous success with. Over 300 companies are currently leveraging this resource since launching last year. This program, which is also free to our partners, has over 100 short videos teaching and guiding a partner in building a security practice. It focuses on the areas of: Strategy, Enablement and Training, Marketing, Services, as well as Sales Execution. 


Last fall we added several new features to the program: 


• Great content geared towards MSPs and MSSPs. 

• Boilerplate contract documents, pricing structures, and social media marketing content that partners have found extremely valuable. 


If you have an established security practice and operate as an MSP or MSSP, these added materials can help you fine tune your business or help you think of ways to grow your business you may not have considered. 


Running a business is never easy; however, it is important to step back every so often and evaluate how you are tracking as a business and the direction you want to go from a strategic perspective. Once you have established that, you can then take the steps necessary to work toward that end goal. The exercises in our Practice Builder program and SPI tool can help you step through that process no matter if you have an established security practice or simply want to fine tune it and make sure you are on track.


Jade Witte

Written by Jade Witte


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