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Simple yet smart, cloud network management for the age of remote working.

Apr 12, 2021 8:57:16 AM Stefania Mungai IoT, Remote Work, cloud network management, Aruba Central

In a post-Covid world, McKinsey (Nov 2020) suggests three to four times as many workers will continue working from home than pre-pandemic. Far from being a planned process, this mass migration was rapid and reactionary. Looking forward, IT teams will need to re-approach their cloud network management, ensuring it’s fit for purpose as we settle into a new normal.


2020’s fast pace of change has left businesses facing inefficient processes, complex infrastructure, poor visibility into users and devices, and difficulty ensuring quality connectivity. At the same time remote workers want their home experience to replicate the seamless nature of office working.


Regardless of the pandemic, IoT continues to proliferate, with exponentially more devices being added at the Edge, each creating and consuming data that’s best processed, stored and analysed close to source. Organisations are increasingly looking to create their own Intelligent Edge, designed specifically to drive better business outcomes for customers and users.


IT needs smart solutions to manage increasingly complex cloud networking

In fast evolving, complex networking environments, that need to remain performant and secure, IT teams are seeking powerful, intelligent tools to maintain full control and proactively drive change.


Smart solutions are now front of mind for ITDM’s, with many considering how AI and machine learning can add value to cloud network management. Surveys suggest:


“82% of ITDMs described their need for an integrated system at the Edge as urgent.” 

And… “more IT managers are planning to increase their investment in AI-based networking technology (35%) post-pandemic than scale it back (17%).”



Deliver simpler, smarter cloud network management with Aruba Central

A powerful cloud networking management solution, Aruba Central is the management and orchestration console for the Aruba ESP (Edge Services Platform), offering unified management of wireless, wired, VPN, and SD-WAN.


Move networks to the cloud simply and efficiently. Meet growing networking demands head on without allocating vast budgets or recruiting. Support thousands of remote users accessing applications and services without manual setup. Liberate internal IT from mundane tasks, refocusing onto value driven projects.


Built-in AI in Aruba Central auto-identifies problems, and delivers continuous network optimization. Provide advanced edge-to-cloud security, via features including role-based policies and AI-based device profiling.


Single pane of glass management delivers control and agility. Simplify onboarding and provisioning via Aruba Central’s easy setup wizard, flexible configuration options, zero touch provisioning and an intuitive mobile installer app.


Plug into ready-to-go resource for Aruba Central

Tech Data’s Aruba specialists are ready now to help partners sell and deliver Aruba Central. From hands on support, to marketing and online training we help deliver profitable Aruba business that drives strong customer benefits. Our global partner ecosystem ensures an optimal fit for any customer’s cloud networking needs.



To find out more about what selling Aruba Central with Tech Data could mean for you, get in touch today. 



Stefania Mungai

Written by Stefania Mungai

Senior Enablement Executive, HPE Central, Tech Data EMEA


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