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Recognising the need for strategic change

Feb 23, 2021 7:30:59 AM Neil Cornish Partners, Practice Builder, Ecosystem, Value Proposition, strategic change

Our industry is experiencing unprecedented pressure to change, driven by new demands from across industry, healthcare and governments.

This has become more evident through the posts on social media, highlighting the number of people leaving and subsequently joining other organisations. Some of this is being driven by cost cutting or “rightsizing” of larger companies, but a lot of this is due to strategic change. The need to adapt to those changing customer demands. To recognise that the buyers are changing and that the priorities for businesses to invest are different.  

This has not just impacted the large vendors and systems integrators, but we have seen this across the partner community too. In some cases, star performers move on, leaving businesses with a new challenge. These last few months have been analogous to the football transfer window, wondering where key individuals might turn up. Regular readers know sporting analogies are often made here and there is one that seems appropriate to our current circumstances.

In the English Premier League Manchester City are now 10 points clear and the bookmakers have stopped taking bets on them winning the title. Yet, all season they have played without their main striker, Sergio Aguero. And more recently, they have not had the world’s best midfielder, Kevin De Bruyne, either. The rest of the team stepped up; they found a way of playing without a striker. And as they adapted other teams in the league didn’t. How do you set up against a team that doesn’t have a striker? In many ways the loss of their star performer has helped them because they adapted, changed their strategy and built a team ethos where more players had the chance to shine. By the way, the other players are pretty good too!

Few businesses today are built around an individual. However, key personnel leaving can provide the chance to revisit the strategy. This means engaging across the business and with customers and partners to understand how change might enable new opportunities. Is the value proposition still relevant and compelling, have others found new and better ways of delivering the same solution and outcomes? Do your staff understand the rationale for the strategy, and can they explain it to their customers? Are you building new revenue streams to grow the business or replacing any decline in the current offerings?

These are the questions and challenges we address in the Tech Data Value Proposition workshops we are running with partners. One of the benefits of the Tech Data Ecosystem, is it brings together a wide, cross-section of skills and experience that can be focused on growing our partners’ businesses and developing new revenue streams.

The workshop helps establish the real value of a partner’s solution or proposition. It identifies the characteristics of the buyers and establishes what makes your value proposition unique. We then work with you to build a new revenue and go to market strategy, around your resources, skills, experience, references and investment capabilities.

There are no predefined scenarios or vendor solutions that we steer you towards. If your team decides that one outcome is to explore our Practice Builder workshops around cloud, security, MSP or IoT, then that discussion can be had afterwards.

Another possible outcome might be to identify partners across our ecosystem to increase coverage or breadth of your offering. This may lead to a subsequent workshop with one of them to establish a joint proposition and go-to-market strategy. Alternatively, you may decide to find a target acquisition or, maybe, even be acquired.

The Tech Data facilitators won’t tell you what you should do, but will lead the management team on a participative journey, exploring the options and helping to crystalise your ideas and market knowledge into a new value proposition and associated revenue stream.

So, if your business has lost a star player, signed a new one or simply wants to examine if the current strategy could be improved upon, please get in touch and we’ll see if we can help.



Neil Cornish

Written by Neil Cornish

Neil Cornish is Business Development Manager at Tech Data UK


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