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Making SIEM-as-a-service attainable for all businesses

Sep 24, 2019 12:29:06 PM David Ellis Partners, SIEM, Security Services

Stopping unauthorised access to a network and preventing malware from destroying an organisation’s IT system are just a few objectives that the spectrum of IT security services’ covers.

The challenge with this is that the IT security landscape is fragmented. As such, IT teams have to manage numerous solutions that are not always interoperable. Compounding this, with the emergence of Zero Day threats, security professionals are faced with the reality that security solutions cannot always protect them against every threat.

In meeting these challenges, IT teams need to have full visibility of their IT environment in order to keep it secure. Each security system creates information concerning what is going on around it, such as a firewall logging passing traffic. Security Information and Event Management (SIEM) provides this visibility by connecting information to systems, end-users, network equipment and services, thus pin-pointing abnormalities that require action.

Whilst SIEM helps merge the different logs from various IT systems, when it comes to decisions being made, a security analyst is still needed to decide what action to take. While many point to the potential of machine learning to automate the processing of security data and cyber incidents, ultimately, organisations will continue to be reliant on human security professionals to make accurate decisions when it comes to protecting their IT systems.

Unfortunately, the reality is that the cybersecurity profession is currently experiencing an alarming skill shortage. As a result, trained cyber professionals have seen their wages rise, which has left smaller, less well-resourced businesses out in the cold.

As such, SIEM has largely remained the reserve of large organisations. However, SMEs are now in sights of cyber criminals. Analysis by insurer Hiscox has shown that SMEs face some 65,000 attacks every day, at a cost of £25,700 in basic clear up costs each year. In response, many are now turning to enterprise grade solutions to keep themselves secure.

In meeting this demand, the channel has begun offering SIEM via the as-a-Service model. With managed service providers bridging the skills and investment gap, smaller businesses have found themselves able to benefit from the tech whilst avoiding the up-front investment in setting up and managing the solution.

Despite being early days, the benefits of SIEM-as-a-Service are evident and it’s allowing those that recognise the importance of such solutions to take full advantage. As more SMEs come into the purview of organised crime thanks to increased digitalisation, it’s fair to say that solutions like SIEM-as-a-service will play an increasingly vital role in cyber security systems of businesses of all sizes.

David Ellis

Written by David Ellis

Vice President, Security and Mobility Solutions – Europe at Tech Data


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