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In today's modern world cyber security is the vault of our greatest asset: Information.

Apr 10, 2019 8:55:20 AM David Ellis Cyber Security


Thieves, pirates, scammers, con artists, criminals and alike have been around for as long as economy has been, so of course, information has become a gem for them to chase.  Tech-Data-David-Ellis

Traditionally we might think that if we steer clear from phishing emails or sketchy (or strange) websites either on our phone, tablet or laptop we are reasonably safe, however these are not the only devices connected to the internet anymore; now we have thermostats, cars, key rings, surveillance cams, etc. 

This literally translates into more options to choose from for cyber criminals who also have become increasingly sophisticated and as innovative as the solutions designed against them. 

Enterprises and users of all sizes, backgrounds and areas are therefore trying to prevent data breaches but their efforts can be undermined by several weaknesses: 

  • Good cyber security specialists are in short supply and thus, for many organizations cyber security represents a significant investment 
  • Cyber space complexity results in the need for specialized solutions for each piece of the security puzzle which can no longer be covered by one solution only 
  • Lack of cyber security skills often leaves the market with a range of mixed attitudes towards choosing a solution that can encompass a good balance of risk and investment while meeting legal and regulatory frameworks. 

Of course, luckily, the malicious attackers are not the only innovative minds in the cyber space but there are thousands of vendors consistently developing solutions to stay ahead of the attackers. 

Tech Data is leveraging its unique position in the market as a distributor of security solutions with an immense knowledge base as well as vendor coverage by creating offerings that bridge the security gaps across the board and are designed, developed, deployed and managed by experts but can be resold by IT providers whose main expertise lies elsewhere.

These are cyber security subscription-based services that can be contracted anytime and can be a great asset to any of our partners for the following reasons: 

  • Tech Data's economy of scale justifies the costs of having cybersecurity specialists in house 
  • Our specialists are highly skilled, certified professionals with years of experience in the industry 
  • The offerings follow clear internationally standardized frameworks (e.g. NIST) 
  • Tech Data's impressive range of subscription-based offerings are designed to make it far easier for the channel to protect customers against the common cyber security threats
  • It's the fastest and easiest way to become a cyber security PRO, our partners are enabled to sell the solutions, while Tech Data will take care of the technical considerations.
David Ellis

Written by David Ellis


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