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If digital transformation is the future, good IT channel sales and enablement training is how you get there

Jul 30, 2019 9:55:51 AM Anjali Saraswathyamma, European training and partner enablement manager for Tech Data Training, Channel Management, Sales and Support, Channel Academy

The way we talk about digital transformation may make it seem too good to be true. Of course businesses would like to future-proof their products and services, while cutting costs and making improvements to employee engagement, but can it really be achieved?

According to one report, four in ten organisations are behind schedule with their digital transformation, and only 13% show confidence the results will pay out. This confusion can most likely be attributed to a lack of training.

Enter the channel.

Digital transformation is often mistaken by businesses as a cosmetic adjustment rather than a structural change. In reality, upskilling existing employees through ongoing and imperative in-house training is the most sustainable option to help the whole organisation, from the C-suite to the back office.

For channel partners to offer this to their customers so they can ensure adoption runs smoothly, while positioning themselves as a trusted advisor, they will have to make sure that they have the skills to accompany the new technologies they offer.

Getting your house in order

Customers looking to achieve a considerable digital transformation, often ask about products and services yet to be launched. Therefore, sales teams will have to be just as clued up as their colleagues in the technical departments.

A successful sale will require sales teams in the channel to advise on the challenges faced by an individual customer and tailoring the products they offer to make competitive advantage a reality.

Since digitalisation is often a significant investment, it can be a considerable undertaking for an organisation. Channel players may have to alleviate customer uncertainty and encourage confidence in their ability to outperform competitors by demonstrating extensive knowledge and building credibility.

Don’t run before you can walk

Gaps in knowledge will be cuttingly apparent during a sales pitch, and will likely come at the cost of a win.

Making sure next-generation technologies are properly integrated into company culture will vastly benefit customer relationships to follow. Not only does building trust help to position your services as the best option to handle a project rollout in the first place but also for any future updates.

A vast pool of channel academies are available, ranging from AI to IoT. Embracing these offerings can ensure that no man gets left behind on the road to digital transformation – which is just as true for new technology innovations as for those still to come.

As IT skills gaps expand, the opportunity opens up for the channel to bridge them. With high level skills in new technologies scarce, expensive and very competitive, upskilling in-house presents a much more sustainable option for growth in industry.

To advise customers on leading products and services for executing digital transformation, channel partners must now also be prepared to become leaders in training resources and guidance. Fortunately the team at Channel Academy are there to help with this. Reach out to us, and let’s get you the sales enablement training you are looking for: https://channelacademy.techdata.com/


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