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How can channel businesses provide cybersecurity with confidence?

Mar 11, 2021 3:00:00 AM David Caughtry Cybersecurity, Business Intelligence, Business Evolution

The channel has always been strong at innovating with technology to help their customers address their most pressing business challenges. What’s changed in the last 18 months or so, is the need to wrap cybersecurity around these technology solutions. Laws and regulations today take the issue of data protection extremely seriously. Any organisation that wants a future selling technology needs to be able to have a conversation with their customers around cybersecurity. Then when the global pandemic hit in March 2020, many organisations found themselves with a dramatically altered IT footprint, and consequently new gaps in their cybersecurity posture. Bad actors were quick to react, becoming more prolific and innovative in their methods of targeting organisational data.


Canalys predicts that cybersecurity spend will increase by 10 percent worldwide in 2021. In the past the barriers to entry around cybersecurity have been high. However, that is starting to change. For instance, Tech Data has invested in a number of initiatives and programmes aimed at lowering these barriers for the channel. The starting point for any business is to understand their cybersecurity capabilities verses the rest of the market. It is only by benchmarking like this, you can determine if you are lagging or leading. Either way, it is far better you know where you stand compared to the rest of the market than your customers telling you, especially if you have a bit of catching up to do!


For major technology vendors, benchmarking is easy. Typically reports are produced by the likes of Gartner or Forrester justifying their position on a fancy quadrant. However, for most channel organisations that opportunity is just not there. Fortunately, there’s some great news and it’s game changing!


Canalys has developed an incredible new benchmarking tool, which they are launching to the IT industry with the help of Tech Data. All you need to do is to complete a quick, easy-to-use online survey, taking less than 15 minutes. The survey has been designed with speed and simplicity in mind, without the need to disclose intimate organisational data such as financial results. You then get a detailed report showing your cybersecurity capabilities verses other technology companies in your country.


This detailed benchmark of your company’s cybersecurity capability is measured across four key lines:

> Security Focus – Calculating overall cybersecurity posture
> Threat Hunter – Assessing ability to detect potential threats
> Managed Security – Reporting on existing managed services practice efficacy
> Trusted Advisor – Analysing your company’s position as an accurate source of industry advice


The analysis currently comes in two flavours. There’s a version designed to produce the most accurate results for channel organisations whose portfolio is focused around Cisco technology. There is another version for everyone else and whose solutions leverage a broader variety of providers.


Upon completion of the survey, Tech Data can help you look at the results and recommend the right enablement programmes tailored to ensure that your business can get up to speed, or indeed take the next steps to become a cybersecurity leader in your area.


To take advantage of the analysis tool get in touch with your regional Tech Data advisor or access directly via the below links:

For Tech Data partners: http://www.candefero.com/survey/surveystart.php?id=905

For Cisco partners: http://www.candefero.com/survey/surveystart.php?id=906


David Caughtry

Written by David Caughtry

Business Development Director Europe at Tech Data Europe


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