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How can industry channel remote learning for business resilience?

Sep 14, 2020 8:04:01 AM Anjali Saraswathyamma, European training and partner enablement manager for Tech Data IT Training, Technical Skills, Social Distancing Remote Employees, Work From Home Tips

In no short measure, personal and professional development has been disrupted by the current pandemic. Workforces are now having to meet the needs of their businesses and their homes simultaneously, balancing their workload with domestic responsibilities. Furthermore, to keep pace with the rapid adoption of disruptive new technologies, which are now vital to succeeding through the pandemic, teams themselves will need disruptive digital solutions for learning to match.


Luckily, the channel is at hand to guide customers through the changing business technology landscape with solutions to help staff upskill from home.


Learn at home


Despite the fact that in-person professional training is not possible, there is still a significant need—if not an even greater one, given the current pace of change—to stay up to date with the latest developments in the technology market. For those in the technology industry that are looking to maintain their cutting edge skills and knowledge, online platforms such as the Tech Data Channel Academy have become vital resources.


Growth opportunities play such a vital role in driving employee engagement and cultivating a productive team and culture within an organisation. Online learning is a flexible option which offers a way for employees to continue to benefit from training while cutting costs and increasing safety. Not only do online learning platforms empower employees to work from where and when they want, they can fit tasks conveniently into their schedules.


Furthermore, as businesses navigate unchartered economic and social territory, having training easily accessible is encouraging of continuous learning and regular feedback. This will be invaluable as organisations are forced to continue to adapt over the coming months.


Futureproofing the workforce


Remote learning brings the benefits of face-to-face training and events to employees’ device of choosing, for them to access anywhere, anytime. With more limited resources than under normal circumstances and employees working remotely, on-demand learning programmes which encourage regular touchpoints can reassure teams that all the support they need is available via access to digital resources.


New skills can help organisations thrive amid new challenges. Through the adoption of new business models and the right technology, keeping knowledge at the cutting edge can help staff feel productive, engaged and indispensable whilst working from home.


Remote learning has been an essential part of adapting to the pandemic; from accelerated adoption of technology to effective staff management strategies, the benefits stretch beyond recovery and into the realm of driving new value, individual purpose and professional and business growth.


The technology sector will always rely on innovation cycles, constant updates and, therefore, consistent learning. The economic future is yet uncertain, as are budgets for investment in resources in every area. Online training, such as that offered by the Tech Data Channel Academy, provides training and tools for a cost-effective way of learning remotely. With sufficient support for channel partners and their customers, organisations can futureproof their operations by ensuring that employees have all of the skills they need to succeed in their roles.



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