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Discover how Tech Data is helping Europe’s IT channel develop cybersecurity expertise to drive business growth

Feb 8, 2021 4:13:01 AM Bojana Cukalevski IoT, Cloud, IT Channel, Cybersecurity Skills

Have you heard of Tech Data’s Practice Builder methodology yet? It is a process that empowers you to rapidly and affordably build and accelerate a solutions practice around cybersecurity, IoT and cloud. In this blog, we will explain how to get the most out of the cybersecurity element.


The pre-lockdown success

Before lockdown, several face-to-face workshops were organised in different European countries. These set out to help customers build a business model that allowed them to develop a unique cybersecurity offering. The feedback was extremely positive, and we found we had more partners wanting to participate in the programme than we had spaces. Even before the pandemic hit, we knew we needed to find a way to scale the programme. We wanted to help even more customers transform their businesses, so they could offer cybersecurity services and solutions.


The move to online

Once the pandemic hit, that was it, we knew we had to put all our efforts into developing an online digital version of the programme. That way it would be available for everyone, to access anytime from anywhere and complete at their own pace. However, the content needed to deliver a successful online programme is very different to the face-to-face content we were using. Faced with this challenge, the European cybersecurity team worked day and night for months to develop quality online content that was easily digestible.


The content was organised into seven distinct sprints, then hosted on Tech Data’s Channel Academy platform. These encompassed key components for a channel business including strategy, enablement training, marketing, services and sales execution. Plus, we have a dedicated MSP module, made for partners who want to offer cybersecurity as a service. This module explains how to build a framework that helps you dramatically accelerate the attainment of profitable monthly recurring revenues.


Guiding you from beginning to end

The Digital Cybersecurity Practice Builder is available to any of our customers in Europe free of charge. To help guide you through the programme, we have local in country cybersecurity experts who will act as your concierge. Not only this, but they will help you develop your business model on the back of the programme.


What type of organisation would benefit from this programme?

First and foremost, the programme benefits more than just one type of partner. If you are a traditional product reseller whose business model is principally focused on reselling hardware and software and little or zero cybersecurity, the programme has the potential to be transformational. It shows you how to lower and overcome many of the barriers to entry and helps to de-risk diversification. Plus, it will help you understand how to generate monthly recurring revenue from services.


The programme also benefits partners that already have a services practice but don’t yet offer cybersecurity services. It helps you understand and navigate the highly fragmented cybersecurity market, so you can make the right choice of solutions/technology to base your services on.


Finally, the programme benefits established MSSP providers. Keeping up with the nature of threats and the new technologies being developed to combat these threats is very challenging. By working closely with Tech Data’s cybersecurity experts, we do all the leg work to help you select the best technology and services for your portfolio.


To get started

To access the programme, you first need to register and complete a simple cybersecurity maturity assessment. This assessment will identify your current capability to transform and specialise. Upon completion of this assessment, you will be automatically sent a link to the programme. To access this assessment, visit: https://www.techdatatransformation.eu/


Bojana Cukalevski

Written by Bojana Cukalevski

European Cybersecurity Business Development Manager, Tech Data


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