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Developing a broader ecosystem

Dec 7, 2020 5:37:54 AM Neil Cornish Cloud, Events, Innovation, Big Data and Analytics, Ecosystem, COVID-19, Data Solutions

In addition to the Tech Data ecosystem events, we have been fortunate to participate in a number of other industry webinars over the past week.


These ranged from the CIO Summit run by HMG, thank you Graham Spivey, through to the AI and Cloud forum hosted by Andrew Wilcock, VP IBM Cloud and Cognitive, UK&I, to the future of blockchain discussed at the Crypto-Anchor event hosted by IBM Zurich Labs.


Listening to the speakers and the topics covered during these live events, provides a valuable insight into the fantastic innovations that are taking place within the IT industry and highlights the determination of CIOs to take back control of the IT strategy within their organisations.


Hunter Miller, chairing the CIO event kicked off by saying; “This is the most exciting time ever” to be in IT. There was recognition that the pandemic had woken people up to the value of data. Every day we see the latest statistics about Covid cases, we hear about the R number and how data is supporting governments in making decisions.


The debate moved to data ownership, reflecting that the CIO is not the owner of the enterprise data, this belongs to those who create it. But the CIO is the custodian of the data. Speakers addressed digital transformation, with CIOs representing large organisations explaining how they had to “unwind the legacy muscle memory” to enable them to move into the new cloud and container world. This in turn enables support of the business agility agenda being demanded by their users.


Addressing the issue of shadow IT, one insightful participant suggested shining a light on shadow IT, as it could be a “compass” for the innovation that the business requires.


Meanwhile at the Zurich Labs event, speakers were covering how Crypto Anchors could enable a product to tell its own history and manage its own life cycle. With billions of dollars lost each year to counterfeiting and millions of lives lost through fake medicines and healthcare products, this is a global problem which Crypto Anchors, built on a blockchain, can help solve.


A number of companies presented, offering different methods of authenticating everything from aircraft parts through to designer handbags, medicines to high value watches. If this is an area of interest please get in touch and we can make introductions to the various parties.


And then the Cloud and AI Forum, addressing the issue at the front of many business decisions today. How do you transform the business to become agile and customer driven whilst still running legacy applications at the core of your business?


Included in the event was a session from Forester, who reported on their recent European survey of enterprise businesses, stating that for many “Cloud is strategic and mission critical”.


The Pandemic and Brexit is causing many large European organisations to rethink their strategy, especially UK based business. However, Forester suggested that 72% of businesses in the UK were still running internal private clouds. With the UK being a heavily service oriented economy, the uncertainty around regulation, compliance and Brexit, was delaying decisions on moving core applications out of the data centre.


Cloud adoption is changing though. In 2017 27% of all respondents said they had 5 or more cloud providers across the enterprise. In 2019, the number of organisations with 5 or more had dropped to only 12%, with 42% reporting they had only one cloud vendor. This suggests that cloud vendor choice has become a strategic decision, as businesses look for economies of scale.


However, the deployment of applications into the cloud is being delayed by what one presenter termed “Technical Debt”. This recognised that a number of issues including out of date skills, out of support environments, undocumented systems and lack of governance, were all holding businesses back from a successful digital transformation. A high-level plan for moving forward was proposed:


  1. Define your strategic cloud platform
  2. Create an adoption road map
  3. Plan, design and document your platform operation guide


There is much taking place within both our Industry and Technical Ecosystems that we have been building at Tech Data. We have our own consultants, who can help partners run planning and design workshops with their customers. And we can introduce a wide range of vendor and third party experts who can help with the innovation, planning and roll out of both new strategies and solutions.


We continue to run events featuring partners, ISVs, end user executives and industry experts. This week, 10th December, we have a Red Hat Ecosystem Webinar, Understanding DevOps, delivered by Ranger4. Registration is here: Register Here


And, as we move into 2021 plans are already being made for new events in Health, Manufacturing and Retail. If you would like to present your innovation or solution for which you are looking for a new partner or route to market, please get in touch.

Neil Cornish

Written by Neil Cornish

Neil Cornish is Business Development Manager at Tech Data UK


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