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Connecting the World with the Power of Technology

Posted by Sundaresan K on Jul 12, 2018 5:45:53 AM
Sundaresan K

By Sundaresan K, Country General Manager, India, Tech Data

Brand Positioning vs. Marketing Tactics 

Each brand is unique in the way they position themselves. At Tech Data we choose to focus on our strengths including our next-generation technology solutions, our ability to drive business transformation for our customers and growth for our customers and vendors. We supported this with our promise of integrity, expertise and excellence.

Tech Data’s marketing team is focused on driving enhanced results for our customer and vendor partners. This encompasses creating innovative programs and services focused on high-growth markets that help partners grow their businesses, and driving demand creation and lead generation initiatives which enable partners to unlock new revenue opportunities. No matter what size a business is, it’s about understanding that business, identifying the right technology and vertical markets, and using this knowledge to develop strategies that help partners grow as well as move into new technology and vertical segments. Through close alignment of sales and marketing activities, we help partners drive increased demand, build pipelines and deliver solid returns on their investments.


Good data for a Good Brand Strategy 

When Tech Data acquired Avnet’s Technology Solutions business, developing a solid brand strategy was an important part to ensure that the combined business was successful. We formed a global brand committee and launched a brand project which analysed the strengths and weaknesses of both sides of the business to help us shape our future strategy. A key part of the project was launching a research initiative encompassing surveys of our employees and customers as well as in depth interviews with our key vendor partners. This extensive data was then used to benchmark our brand reputation, determine the direction of our brand strategy, and uncover how we could better serve our customers and vendor partners.


Impact of Digitization on Businesses

Digital transformation is creating immense opportunities for businesses today. Some of the key technologies include data and analytics, Artificial Intelligence, the Internet of Things and next-generation security. Businesses in India are leading the charge by embracing these technologies to transform their businesses, becoming more efficient & agile and driving high-growth opportunities. A great example of this is the government initiative in place to establish 100 smart cities around the country, powered by IT and delivering next generation services, processes and ways of living to residents and companies.  With government investment to the tune of $1.2 billion, smart cities are the future for the burgeoning urban population predicted to reach 800 million by 2050.


R&D driving Growth

We are continuously focussed on driving innovation and transforming our business so we can better serve our partners. This takes on the form of investing in next-generation technologies, strengthening our end-to-end portfolio, transforming digitally and optimizing our global footprint. Research and development plays an important role in determining our strategy, uncovering what is working and not working, and helping us to evolve and ensure that we deliver the best possible service and outcomes for those we do business with.

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