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Three Cybersecurity Predictions You Should Know About

Posted by Alex Ryals on Jan 29, 2019 2:55:59 PM

The following article written by Alex Ryals, Tech Data’s vice president Security Solutions, originally appeared on Tech Data’s LinkedIn page on January 25, 2019. It is the third article in his three-part discussion on cybersecurity.

Imagine relaxing one evening watching movies when suddenly the TV channel changes, all the lightsturn off and the thermostat adjusts dramatically. While the consequences might be different, the cyber threat to your home’s smart devices is no different than attackers accessing hospital cardiac devices, taking control of the device’s data and selling the medical records on the dark web.

The possibilities of hacking the Internet of Things (IoT) are endless, leading to an escalation of cyber threats like I highlighted in part one of this series.

As partners build solutions for next-generation technologies, it is important to inject security into the equation. This is especially true when building a security posture in vertical markets, as cybersecurity will continue to be a growing trend this year.

In this final entry about cybersecurity threats and solutions for channel partners, let’s further explore the current and emerging cybersecurity trends.

1.       IoT security will become a top priority.

The proliferation of devices is coming like a hurricane, and companies are not ready for it, especially when it comes to managing and securing those devices. The market is projecting over 50 billion IoT devices by 2020.

The challenge is that most IoT devices are not built with security in mind. As the devices are rolled out in retail stores to simplify and automate people's lives, they are adding a tremendous amount of vulnerability and security risk by not enforcing default password resets upon setup or not providing the ability for regular firmware updates.

With the steady deployment of 5G cellular service throughout 2019, this enabling technology will ensure the hyper-growth of IoT and the inevitable increase in security risk for customers. Luckily, many security vendors have already started working together to build common IoT security frameworks, but we have a long way to go to standardize properly.

In the meantime, Tech Data channel partners can ensure that the data collected from IoT devices is secure and encrypted, as well as protect the networks that data travels across using Tech Data’s RECON™ SOC offering within the RECON™ Security Suite.

2.       IoT in the automotive industry will emerge as a top cybersecurity concern.

Most car manufacturers are now digital and even provide internet connectivity for consumers as they drive. While convenient, the security of these features is elementary at best, leaving tremendous opportunities for attackers to compromise vehicles and gain access to its systems.

This ability to compromise becomes even more of a concern with the growth in self-driving cars. Can you imagine an attacker taking control of your vehicle while in transit and causing an accident?  Or, how about a teen in the neighboring vehicle accessing your Wi-Fi for a game of Fortnite on your dime? The solution for channel partners is to engage with automotive manufacturers and parts makers to ensure security is incorporated into the electronics, in addition to securing the cellular connectivity.

3.       The growth of alert and incident response services will accelerate.

As regulations such as GDPR and the new California Consumer Privacy Act go into effect, companies will have to invest in incident/alert response services to ensure their ability to quickly identify breaches and notify the public.

Incident/alert response are services that responds to the identified threat on your network and attempt to remediate the issue such as turning off a firewall port or disabling an infected server. While there are various levels, incident response is typically the cleanup during and after an active incident. These services may include digital forensics to identify who perpetrated the attack, when and where it started and what was the impact.

Companies will be forced to step up their game when it comes to identifying and mitigating threats early if they want to avoid fines in the future. The public is getting tired of reading about data being stolen, and companies will suffer in their pocketbooks if they do not find creative ways to mitigate the threats.

Channel partners have an excellent opportunity to build these services into their set of security offerings and to address this need. Tech Data offers partners RECON™ SOC for both monitoring of security threat and Alert Response services to remediate the issues. To learn more about security services available through Tech Data, visit us on the web, or email us at security.services@techdata.com.

Closing the Cybersecurity Gap: Why Now is the Time to Get Serious

 According to IDC, the security market is growing at roughly 8.6 percent[1], which may seem a little bit low, as companies are still not investing in security solutions to the level they should. However, the tide is changing. A combination of regulations and public outcry is forcing companies to take security more seriously.

At Tech Data, our channel partners are not alone. Whether you already have an existing security practice or you are planning to develop one, Tech Data has trained resources who can help you with that process: 

  1. The Practice Builder methodology, to build a robust cybersecurity practice
  2. A vendor line card of security solutions to address your customers’ needs in the evolving security threat landscape
  3. Security implementation services offerings to drive higher margins
  4. Assessment services to identify opportunity in your accounts
  5. Managed services like RECON™ SOC to add value with reoccurring monthly revenues

If you are interested in becoming a Tech Data partner, please submit a form for a reseller application or a vendor application. You can also sign up to be a part of the Tech Data security community.

About the Author

Alex Ryals is the vice president of Security Solutions for Tech Data.

 [1] IDC WW IT Security Products Forecast, 2018-2022

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