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Security-as-a-Service for SMBs: What It Means for Your Growing Security Business

Posted by Christopher Parisi on Aug 11, 2017 12:00:00 PM

Your small business clients are facing serious challenges in protecting their data, and they may be able to use an emerging solution to mitigate their risks: security-as-a-service. The managed services solution helps you reach customers that may not otherwise have access to the individual parts of security solutions.

Small business owners are staring down tough odds when looking to secure their networks and keep data safe from cyber criminals.

A recent survey on smallbiztrends.com indicates some dire statistics for the SMB sector relating to cybersecurity. The results show that small business is relatively unprotected from the onslaught of cyberattacks.

  • Only 14 percent of small businesses rate their ability to mitigate cyber risks as “highly effective.”
  • While 43 percent of cyberattacks are targeted to small business, 51 percent of those polled were not allocating any funds at all to cyber defense.
  • Most SMBs in retail don’t have the time or resources to deal with compliance requirements, such as payment card industry data security standards (PCI DSS) and other regulatory requirements.

The cost of effective cyber mitigation is a major obstacle for customers that don’t have the resources of large companies with their own IT staff and security infrastructure. Often businesses simply hope they will not be a victim of attack.

As a security product vendor or MSP, you probably have discussed this situation with your customers. You can see the need and opportunities that this situation presents, and your customers are looking to you for guidance. How can you offer your customers comprehensive security protection without a large capital expenditure for your business? The solution: Managed Security Service Provider (MSSP).

The Benefits of Offering Managed Security Services

For small businesses, the thought of staffing a security operations center and “watching the wire 24/7” is a cost-prohibitive venture. MSSP can take your managed services offerings a step further by growing your business, your bottom line, and supplying your customers with the services they need. Here’s why:

Co-branding: With co-branded options available, you can offer your customers 24/7 network monitoring, alerts, and protection with your logo on it.

Low-touch, high-quality support: Once a customer signs on for service, your involvement with the management of their security is minimal.

Comprehensive security from one system: When you offer your customer a Unified Security Management Solution, you have the chance to run a firm’s security management from one pane of glass. This gives you more control and an efficient way to remain up to date with your customer’s security landscape.

Fast threat management and mitigation: In addition, if there is an event, an MSSP can help mitigate the issue. You can investigate with data forensics and implement corrective actions directly with the customer.

The costs to your customers are affordable, while your business enjoys increased revenue and profitability.

Organizations will spend up to 101.6 billion dollars on cybersecurity software, services, and hardware, according to the IDC. This is a 38 percent increase from 2016. Verticals where Security-as-a-Service investment is expected to see the greatest increase is small retail establishments, discrete manufacturing, and local governments. Look to these industries for service opportunities.

The Solution

As overwhelming as the scope of a secure environment can be for your customer from a personnel and equipment standpoint, the choice of which MSSP to partner with can be just as large. There are many choices out there, and you may need guidance picking the one that will best serve your customers.

Here at Tech Data we have security service options to serve you, no matter no matter how bog or small the task. For more information on Tech Data and the security services we can offer you go to https://www.techdata.com/techsolutions/security/.

We can help you find the solutions necessary to offer the security services that your customers need.





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