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IT Security, Ransomware and Phishing, Oh My!

Posted by Jennifer Hernandez on Oct 12, 2016 8:56:00 AM

It’s the month we have all been waiting for… Cybersecurity Awareness Month! There are many exciting trainings and opportunities to learn more about increasing your cybersecurity awareness. On the Tech Data Security and Information Management team Twitter page, @TechDataSecInf, there are promotions under #CyberAware that allow vendors and resellers to become a cyber-aware champion. This hashtag will also lead to tips on how to stay safe from hackers. Vendors such as Kaspersky Lab, McAfee, KnowBe4 and Cisco Security are providing resources to learn more about IT security and ransomware—two key education topics that are top of mind at Tech Data. In the links below, you will find several security resources where you can learn more about the various security protection opportunities that are available.  

Ransomware is a software hack that is impacting businesses worldwide. Through Cybersecurity Awareness Month, Tech Data is striving to educate our partners on preventing ransomware attacks. Cisco Security offers a helpful video that showcases the anatomy of a cyberattack. Effective ransomware can shut a business down in as little as six months. In the video, a hacker describes how she conducts detailed research in order to find the right people to portray so that she can get the access to commit a cybercrime. When a hacker attempts ransomware, the malware has already been coded, and the ransomware only depends on the amount of clicks that come from the hacker’s email. Through Kaspersky Lab, there is a guide available with more details around how ransomware can be used to completely destroy a business. There are also detailed explanations on cryptor-ransomware attacks (encryption ransomware), and how the hacker can hide the trace of the attack after it occurs. 

IT security can be very beneficial for companies to utilize and to stay protected at all costs. McAfee has offered a very useful blog on how cybersecurity awareness can help eliminate threats in the workplace.  There are now cyber prevention organizations such as Cyber Threat Alliance, VirusTotal and the Information Sharing and Analysis Organization. These organizations allow companies to be more aware of the potential for cyberattacks in the workplace. KnowBe4 offers webinars that educate IT security professionals on cybersecurity.  

Top Tips for Staying Safe Online

  1. Create a strong password

Creating a strong password that is not easily detected prevents hackers from accessing your account. If you have trouble remembering your password, physically write it down on a piece of paper. If you electronically write your password on your desktop, there is a high chance that hackers can access your password at any time.


  1. Be cautious of emails

 If there are any emails that have been sent to spam, there is a high chance that the email is a phishing attack. If there are any suspicious emails sent on vacation offers or links sent by a senior company executive, there is a strong chance that the email is a phishing attack. If your company suggests updating your password, it is strongly suggested that make the update. It’s likely that your password is too weak and needs to be changed.


  1. Do not give out personal information

It is okay to include contact information under your email signature in the workplace. However, there is a chance that hackers can pull valuable information from your email account. Make sure to include only work-related content and not your personal contact information. Displaying your work information on social media accounts can double the risk for a phishing attack.





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