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Increase Your Cybersecurity Skills with Our Cyber Essentials Video Series

Posted by Alisha Robinson on Dec 10, 2020 2:04:01 PM

Our Cyber Range Engineers have created a Cyber Essentials Video Series to introduce employees, partners and vendors to the foundational concepts and tools necessary to be successful when remotely using the Tech Data Cyber Range. This beginner-level training series is intended for viewers who have zero experience with GNU/Linux, Networking or hacking techniques.

Each month, a video will be posted where our Cyber Range engineers walk viewers through learning modules that will help the viewer feel more comfortable when using the Kali Linux operating system. These modules will allow viewers to gain hands-on experience with a variant of the GNU/Linux Operating System. Familiarity with a GNU/Linux environment is key for getting into the IT security industry.

Once the viewer has consumed all learning modules, they will have the foundational skills, tools and confidence necessary to hack the remote Cyber Range targets on our Beginner Range.

Our engineers will also showcase a purple team concept through this series. Many viewers might be familiar with red team vs blue team exercises. These exercises have helped the industry get to this point, but now more than ever, a more collaborative approach to offense and defense is necessary. This is why the Cyber Range engineers will be emphasizing the importance of purple teaming. In order for organizations to better defend themselves, they need to understand the tools, techniques and procedures (TTPs and methodologies) of the adversary.

Click here to view the Getting to Know Kali Linux Course and Demo.


Getting to Know Kali - This course will introduce the student to the fundamentals of the Kali OS. The student will learn basic commands to run in the terminal, how to navigate the Graphical User Interface (GUI) to find different tools, and the basic file structure of Kali. At the end of this course, students will be confident in navigating the OS, which will be a fundamental step in completing further courses and challenges.

Installing Kali - Now that the student is familiar with Kali OS, we will go over how to set up their own Kali instance in a virtual environment for use at home. Students will be taught the fundamentals of virtual appliances. Students will download and install VirtualBox, as well as Kali Linux .iso and. ova files. Finally, students will install a Kali virtual machine from scratch, and learn the commands to keep the operating system (OS) up-to-date.

Linux Fundamentals - This course will go beyond the OS basics learned in the “Getting to Know Kali” course. Students will learn about users, groups, and permissions. They will learn basic Linux commands such as “ls”, “more”, “less”, “chmod”, “chown”, “| (the pipe)”, and “grep”. These commands are essential for not just hacking, but basic Linux system administration.

NmapThe Network Mapper - Nmap is one of the most fundamental tools in network security. This tool is extremely useful for network and host discovery and is an essential tool in a hacker’s arsenal. The course will cover nmap basics, as well as an overview of standard ports and services, and TCP vs UDP. By the end of this course, students will be comfortable running basic nmap scans and reading scan results.

You can now view the series on our YouTube page. For questions or feedback about our Cyber Essentials Series, please contact cyberrange@techdata.com.

About the Author

Alisha Robinson is a Marketing Communications and Content Strategist for the Security Solutions department at Tech Data. She is responsible for developing content, marketing campaign creation and execution; brand recognition and engagement for Tech Data’s Cyber Range. In addition, she manages the coordination and execution of dozens of Security channel events a year. Specializing in storytelling, Alisha excels in utilizing various communications – blogs, landing pages, web copy and various print media to facilitate brand awareness and strategy. Alisha has been with Tech Data for 10 years and brings more than 15 years of professional experience in communications and the tech industry. 

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