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Hone Your Cyber Security Skills Without Leaving Home

Posted by Brett Scott on Jun 11, 2020 7:00:00 AM

With work from home wearing thin and the impact on the economy far from certain, now might be an excellent time to hone your cyber security skills, advance your capabilities in preparation for a new business opportunity or career, or just exercise your security brain.

The first-of-its-kind Tech Data Cyber Range—an interactive cyber playground led by elite security experts—is virtually open to partners, vendors, customers, and the general public. Participate from the socially distant comfort of your home—no travel, no travel expenses.  

Exercises to Stretch Your Cyber Skills

The Tech Data Cyber Range is Tech Data’s answer to today’s global cyber security skills gap. We’re committed to growing new cyber security talent and significantly improving the skills of existing cyber security professionals through remote:

  • Capture the Flag (CTF) Events – CTF games offer a series of challenges, based on real-world incidents and vulnerabilities, that require you to exercise different skill sets. In addition to being fun, they’re highly educational and professionally rewarding. They give novices a chance to experience how cyber security is actually done and better prepares mid-level players to defend their own systems from different types of attacks.

Tech Data recently conducted virtual CTF red team/blue team games for Pima Community College and the University of Texas computer science students who turned in all 92 flags. What we heard from them was that they didn’t realize how much they didn’t know. It’s one thing to know something in your head, it’s quite another to experience it firsthand.

  • Incident Response Exercises – Most organizations perform written tabletops on different scenarios and then assume that they’re prepared for a cyber attack. Unfortunately, it almost never works that way.

Our hands-on Incident Response exercises help prepare you with a rehearsed plan of action. This build-your-own-adventure experience uses our sophisticated threat intelligence platform, so that you’re training on tomorrow’s problems today.

Everyone in your security pipeline—from your CEO down to the technicians—can (and should) participate. Through a live simulation of multiple cyber attacks, you’ll live in the eye of the storm. Every aspect of your cyber security plumbing is tested. At the end of the day, you’ll see where your gaps are and be better prepared for an attack—with no impact to your environment.

  • Training Courses – We offer multiple training options. Students can learn practical cyber security skills through instructor-led remote or self-service training. Students can also participate in immersive, instructor-led Cyber Attack Missions, featuring a specific type of cyber attack, that puts their detection, investigation, or remediation skills to the test. Or we can tailor course content to your specific objectives.

Of course, Tech Data continues to offer—strictly for our partners and vendors—cyber threat briefings with the latest threat intelligence. Only now we deliver those briefings virtually.

Why Tech Data?

Tech Data continues to address the cyber skills shortage by being the first in distribution to offer a hands-on, real-world cyber range. With some 150 Tech Data security team members and 44 security vendors in our portfolio, we hope to close the gap on the 3.5 million unfilled security positions by 2021.

Ready to discuss your cyber skills needs? Contact us at securityservices@techdata.com or visit the Tech Data Cyber Range web site for more information.


About the Author
Brett Scott serves as director of security solutions for Tech Data where he is responsible for new supplier research and recruitment. Brett is also the co-founder and technical architect of the Arizona Cyber Warfare Range, a non-profit organization leading the country in teaching hands-on cyber security skills in a real-world environment to those motivated to develop real competence in cyber security. A hands-on leader with years of experience leading technical teams, Brett has worked in an array of industries and is an expert on cyber security issues facing companies today.

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