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Four Market Drivers that Make Now the Perfect Time to Become an MSSP

Posted by Tracy Holtz on Jan 29, 2020 7:33:11 PM

Companies, both large and small, are under attack. Hackers are working tirelessly to introduce new malware variants and detect network vulnerabilities to exploit. As the threat landscape becomes more hazardous, a solid security posture has never been more critical. But most organizations struggle to obtain a strong security posture on their own — which creates a substantial opportunity for MSPs to add value and forge a profitable path into the future.

MSPs can and should upgrade their business to the next level by incorporating managed security services into their portfolio. Here are four market drivers that will produce new business opportunities, generate lucrative new revenue streams and strengthen long-term customer relationships if you transform your MSP business into an MSSP:

  • The Cyber Skills Gap - The security industry is currently experiencing a cybersecurity talent shortage – which means there are not enough trained security professionals available to handle the massive threat landscape. According to the Center for Cyber Safety and education, unfilled cybersecurity jobs are expected to reach 1.8 million by 2022. MSSPs can position themselves as a trusted advisor who has the expertise and resources to step in and address a company’s need for cybersecurity talent.

  • Malware Variants - There are hundreds of thousands of malware variants introduced every single day. These malware variants include ransomware. Hackers are pursuing bigger targets and extorting from victims. We are no longer seeing $100, $200 demands – these attackers now demand amounts in hundreds of thousands, even millions.

  • Phishing – Attackers are becoming more sophisticated with phishing – a type of fraud, usually made through e-mail, to gain access to a victim’s data. Companies must not only address this issue from a technical standpoint, they must also provide training resources to keep their employees safe from these attacks. End-user training is another area where MSSPs can help.

  • Growing complexity of security implementation – to remain secure, companies need to implement a layered approach that addresses all points where an attack can occur from the perimeter to the endpoint to the applications to the data itself and all mobile devices in use today. This can be overwhelming for a lot for companies to handle on their own.

Most MSPs offer the foundational security services including firewall or perimeter security, data loss prevention, disaster recovery and endpoint security. But the current threat landscape requires more advanced and comprehensive solutions and services including incident response, security auditing (PCI-DSS, HITRUST, SOC 2) and physical penetration tests to combat the most sophisticated attacks. MSPs should also consider enhancing their service capabilities. These capabilities will allow an MSP to have greater security capabilities within their practice. This will provide the MSP a greater opportunity to expand on just reselling a bundle of security solutions but also implementations and 24-hour support.

These four market drivers combined make now the perfect time to become an MSSP.  

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About the Author

Tracy Holtz is a Director of Security Solutions in Tech Data’s Security Organization. She joined Tech Data in December of 1996 and brings over 22 years of strategic channel knowledge to the team. Tracy is responsible for Tech Data’s US Security Vendor Management strategy and business. Tracy began her career in the IT industry when she joined Trans World Electronics in 1993 and held positions in finance and purchasing. Tracy has been leading security and cloud vendor go to market strategies and sales since 2001 holding positions of Product Manager, Sr. Product Manager, Marketing Manager, and Sr. Marketing Manager.


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