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Drive Connections and Opportunities Using Social Selling

Posted by Julie Wagoner on Jul 7, 2020 7:00:00 AM

With our new work from home reality, digital demand generation and sales are of vital importance to businesses looking to sell cybersecurity. But the reality is, less than 11% of tech channel sales people are equipped to be social selling experts.  This leaves a wide-open field for MSPs to change the game and ultimately win more business.

Here are three reasons why MSPs need to implement a social selling strategy to drive new sales opportunities:

  1. Build your credibility as an expert - 73% of B2B tech buyers are either millennials or Gen-Z. They prefer self-serve digital information. To meet the needs of this audience, publish content that is relevant, engaging and laser focused to address their business pain points. Aim to deliver value instead of only publishing sales content that promotes your business.

Your customers are actively using social media to research your business and form an opinion on whether or not they want to work with you based upon the content you’re publishing and the reputation you have established with your other customers. It’s been reported that 88% of tech buyers trust social media contacts as advisors in the buyer’s journey. Many buying decisions are made based upon a friend or influencer’s social reviews and recommendations.

  1. Grow better business relationships - In the not so distant past, we used face-to-face conferences as a way to meet new prospects. Your customers are now using social media instead of a large conference venue to digitally network with other business professionals and research new business solutions.

Your sales team can join these social networks to listen in on conversations relevant to your business niche. Listening to these conversations on a regular basis will allow your team to identify potential new leads that may seek business advice on cybersecurity or other IT solutions. You can reach out to connect the prospect so that your company is on their radar.

However, it’s important to remember that, “The key to social selling is social. Not selling.”  As you create new social connections, dedicate time each day to building up your online professional relationships with no expectations from them whatsoever. This can be as done by simply commenting, liking and sharing their content occasionally. Once you feel the relationship is in a good place, you can then reach out to see if the individual would be interested in an offline conversation about how you can help them achieve their desired business outcomes.

  1. Gain competitive intelligence – There’s a good chance your competitors are already using social selling. According to LinkedIn, 71% of all sales professionals—and 90% of top salespeople—are already using social selling tools. Spend some time researching what your competitors are up to using social media. You can obtain insights by monitoring what they are saying and the conversations they are having. You can use this intelligence to better understand your competitor’s positioning.

On July 14 and 15, Tech Data Security will host a two-day virtual workshop called MSP Evolve that will allow partner organizations to learn how to get started with social selling. During the two-day virtual event, you will learn to leverage your digital marketing tool kit, elevating your organization’s social selling skills, and filling your sales funnel with the best sales opportunities.

To register, please visit http://www.cvent.com/events/tech-data-msp-evolve-profiting-from-the-move-to-mssp-july/event-summary-5b4db8f5adae4813b50953fb726720fb.aspx.

About the Author
Julie Wagoner has 10+ experience in marketing/communications, specifically in social media, content strategy and web. For the past year, she worked in social media for the MGM Grand Resort in Las Vegas but previously she worked for Tech Data/Avnet for over 7 ½ years in various positions including leading the companies social media strategy and managing the Authority Blog.

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