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Adopting a Threat Prevention Policy: Sponsored by Check Point

Posted by Steven Kelley on Jan 2, 2020 11:47:34 AM
Steven Kelley
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In 1736, Benjamin Franklin, advising Philadelphians on the threat of fire, cited the now infamous axiom, “an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.” Often used in the context of health & wellness, the statement is as true today as it was nearly 300 years ago.  Today however, its validity extends well beyond the health of one, or even the safety of thousands. Because digital transformation has elevated the importance of -and accelerated the need for- a robust cybersecurity program, its implications are global; potentially affecting every single person on the planet. 

Check Point Software Technologies Ltd (www.checkpoint.com) is a leading provider of cyber security solutions to corporate enterprises and governments globally. In their company blog, Check Point discusses the importance of embracing threat prevention as part of any business or organization’s cybersecurity strategy.

The story - “How to Adopt a Threat Prevention Approach to Cybersecurity” can be found on the Check Point website.  For a direct link to the story, click the button below.


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