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5 Need-To-Know BYOD Security Tips for Your Customers

Posted by Ally Azzarelli on Sep 14, 2018 11:00:00 AM

Mobile technology trends are rapidly crossing into the business environment. The presence of personal devices in the workplace is growing at a record pace. In fact, 67 percent of today’s employees are bringing their own laptops, smartphones and tablets to the office.Although workers appreciate the flexibility and productivity their mobile devices provide, bring your own device (BYOD) opens the door to serious security challenges for your customers.

According to Global Market Insights, Inc., the bring-your-own-device market size is estimated to be valued at $367 billion by 2022.2 And, by bringing their own devices, employees are also bringing new network security risks. Companies need security assessments, next-gen firewalls, mobile device management (MDM) and mobile app management (MAM) tools, continuous employee training and secure cloud servers to keep their networks safe.

What does this mean for you and your customers? This is an ideal opportunity to help your customers protect their networks and establish successful BYOD security policies. Here are five tips you can use as talking points to increase your mobile security sales.

1. BYOD security starts by educating employees.

Your customers should offer employees continued mandatory security training including how to update applications and software. It’s also best to have them sign off on agreeing to comply with company policies.

Tip: IT professionals can take security training programs then share their knowledge with employees. Companies can also hire outsourced educational services focused on security practices.

2. Encryption is key.

VPN cloud network tools using secure servers for online security and privacy keeps data—including app data—safe. By replacing personal employee IP addresses with generic IP addresses, hackers are unable to access sensitive information via employee devices.

Tip: Educate your customers regarding the importance of deploying email encryption software to secure emails and attachments before sending them. Even users working for the same organization should be using encryption tools and software.

3.Lock it up.

Enforcing lock screens with a PIN is a must-have for any BYOD security policy. If an unlocked smartphone or tablet goes missing, there are numerous apps that allow users to remotely lock or wipe memory.

Tip: Suggest and provide MDM and MAM software-based security suites.

4.Manage and monitor Wi-Fi.

Because every device is ultimately connected to the network, setting up separate Wi-Fi networks for BYOD access is also a best practice.

Tip: Help your customers ensure that only authorized users are accessing their Wi-Fi by offering network monitoring software that’ll log employees and monitor their Wi-Fi usage. Assessments—sometimes available at no cost to the reseller—are also an effective way to provide comprehensive, end-to-end, real-time network visibility and are a great BYOD security conversation starter. 

5.Keep former employees off the network. 

Remind your customers that BYOD is a vital part of the employee off-boarding process. This includes terminating their accounts, changing their passwords, cutting off all access to the company’s network, and possibly even wiping the device for sensitive data. 

Tip: When it comes to preventing former employees from tapping into the network, brief your customer on the benefits of the various solutions that can assist with off-boarding BYOD. Options include mobile device management (MDM) software that helps IT selectively wipe or remove company-owned data from the device, and software management systems (SMS) that allow companies to manage, track and remove software.

Alert your customers about the risks associated with BYOD. Keeping them informed about effective security not only empowers them, it continues to reinforce your role as their trusted security advisor. Tech Data offers a diverse range of security awareness training, solutions and network assessments. Together, we can work to protect them from devastating BYOD data breaches.

Help your customers get serious about their mobile security. Contact our security product specialists today at securityservices@techdata.com or 800-237-8931, ext. 73246.


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Ally Azzarelli has served as senior copywriter at Tech Data since March 2016. In this role, she’s responsible for concepting, researching and writing marketing copy for Tech Data Agency, Tech Data’s award-winning in-house marketing agency. Prior to joining Tech Data, Ally spent four years as a marketing copywriter at Bright House Networks, now Charter Communications. While with Bright House, she penned a Telly award-winning series of how-to technical web videos to assist customers with their TV, DVR, Internet, and Home Security and Control services.

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