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4 Easy Ways to Increase Your IT Security Customer Base

Posted by Laura Vanassche on Aug 25, 2017 12:00:00 PM
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Cybersecurity is big business – companies need your services and expertise now more than ever. Sure, new prospects are contacting you, but typically the majority of new clients seek out cybersecurity experts after they’ve fallen victim to a breach. Proactively finding and acquiring new leads doesn’t have to be costly and challenging. Here are four easy ways to expand your client base.

1. Put Google Search and Google Alerts to Work 

Tap into new leads with free, easy-to-access tools you already have. Harness the power of Google or Google Advanced Search and use keywords, locations, and quotes to hone in on businesses within your target market. Why not find companies who’ve already experienced a breach – use their situation as a talking point to other prospects.

Searches should be enclosed with quotation marks and can include a combination of phrases such as location (cities, nearby cities, states, and metropolitan areas) and security terms (breach, business hacked, cyber breach). For example, if looking for prospects within the Cincinnati area, try search terms such as: “Cincinnati data breach,” “Hamilton County Ohio business hacked,” or “business cyber breach in Southwest Ohio."

Quick tip: Save time and set up a Google Alert using key words and phrases applicable to your business, and Google will send you the latest and greatest news and updates straight to your inbox.

2. Focus Marketing on a Specific Niche

Focusing your marketing efforts on verticals like dental, finance, or manufacturing can yield better results than not. To continue on the previous theme related to Google searches: When you set the Google Alerts or run your searches, add on the vertical or industry. “Cincinnati manufacturing business cyber breach” or “Cincinnati data breach dental office."

Bonus: These searches often reveal trends. For example, there may be a shift in an industry from one type of software to another. If looking to develop solutions that simplify the use of industry-specific software, it’s helpful to know which software is the most popular within that industry. These niche-focused Google searches can help with that.

3. Optimize Your Website to Pull Desired Leads

If you specialize in industry-specific IT solutions, another consideration is whether your website content is optimized with current, concise, and competitive keywords. Do you have an offering that supports software commonly found in dental offices? Be sure to highlight that in the copy on your website. After all, it's viewed before your phone rings. Make your website do the selling for you!

4. Host Lunch and Learns 

Who doesn’t like complimentary lunch? Invite local office managers and/or owners to a free lunch and learn in your office. Tech Data Agency’s marketing experts often organize lunch and learns for vendor partner sales reps. They suggest serving unique fare from trendy local hotspots to help attract guests and increase attendance. Lunch and learns are an ideal way to educate potential customers about the latest in cybersecurity and its importance. Show attendees how to differentiate a phishing scam from a legitimate email. Reveal the latest trends and, most importantly, the cost of a breach.

Having trouble getting people to attend in your location? Go to them! Show up with lunch, a projector, and a presentation that explains risks and prevention techniques. Educating the employees on how to stay safe in the office and at home will pay off in the end.

A Few Ways to Execute This Plan

This sounds fantastic, but how can you make it happen? The recommendations above require a specific skill set that can take years to master. Sure, there are tools and resources launched every day to simplify these tasks, but it's best to outsource these efforts so you can focus on developing your business. Here's how:

Marketing or advertising interns: Reach out to local colleges and universities. Use the extra help to call prospective and existing customers, inviting them to your lunch and learn event. You can also leverage this source of talent to help you set sales appointments. To do this, build a simple call script. If the prospect expresses interest, ask to send them an email with more details. This is the easiest way to get email contacts with permission.

Email marketing systems: It's important to have a system of record to manage the contacts you gather from these efforts. Ideally, it will synchronize with your email system. With a current contact database, you can easily call for future lunch and learns or when a security event, such as a data breach, occurs.

Social media marketing: Finally, social media is a great way to recruit and educate potential clients. Follow companies that focus on cybersecurity education such as KnowBe4. For cybersecurity tips, news, and updates, be sure to also follow Tech Data Security on Twitter and LinkedIn.

Share cybersecurity news updates and information from social media, the Google Alerts, or incidents from other customers to help build your credibility as a security expert while helping you increase and retain your customer base. A competitor can easily undercut the monthly fees you earn, but if you educate and provide continuous value to your customers, they’ll most likely renew their contracts without hesitation.

To learn how to tap into even more lead generation, marketing, and social media opportunities, contact resellerCONNECT at 800-500-3501 or resellerconnect@techdata.com.

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