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3 Takeaways from Tech Data’s Advanced Technology Symposium

Posted by Amber Langdon on May 29, 2017 10:00:00 AM
Amber Langdon

Tech Data hosted the annual Advanced Technologies Symposium April 11-14 in sunny Clearwater, Florida. The event featured breakouts on industry trends, sessions on how the resellers can grow their business, and networking events with the thirty sponsoring vendors. Sessions topics included the data center market, digital transformation, IOT, security, e-commerce, social media, and financing your business growth. Here are three highlights from the event:

1. A sixth layer of defense is needed to keep your business secure.

Security resellers focused on the three traditional centers of security gravity: endpoint protection, identity management, and network security. But the fourth center of gravity is the human, says Stu Sjourwerman, CEO and Founder of KnowBe4. During the symposium he discussed how resellers now have an additional revenue opportunity by helping their end users train their most critical security threat: their employees. To keep your end users secure, you should deploy six layers of defense.

Layer one: Data. You should determine the important data and encrypt it.

Layer two: Applications. Use coding and verification to ensure your end users applications are secure.

Layer three: The host. All workstations and servers should have an endpoint solution deployed.

Layer four: The network. It needs intrusion detection and prevention, as well as deployment of network monitoring solutions.

Layer five: The firewall. It’s still an important layer of protection.

Layer six: Your people. This is the weakest link in security.

To strengthen the sixth layer, resellers should offer new school security awareness training, to all of their end users. Without a strong sixth layer, all of the other layers won’t protect your customers’ network.

2. IoT means Solution Selling

Michelle Curtis, Sr Manager and Sean Colby, Consulting Lead, of Tech Data’s Iot Solutions group shared that IoT is solutions selling. Michelle discussed that Tech Data is an IoT Solution Aggregator and offers IoT Ecosystem and vertical solutions, partner enablement, and multichannel distributions at scale. Tech Data is the single source for end-to-end IoT solutions and can assist with choice, time-to-market and scalability, which makes it easy for reseller partners to deliver IoT projects faster. We also offer a marketplace of pre-integrated data services from our partners and cloud and subscription management.

Many verticals and industries are hot opportunities for IoT including:

  • Light industry
  • Food and Beverage Manufacturing
  • Logistics and Transport
  • Smart Buildings
  • Rugged Networking
  • RFID Asset Tracking
  • Driver/Cargo Monitoring
  • Data Analytics

When determining the right time for an IoT solution, resellers should consider revenue models, delivery partners, length of the sales cycle and scalability.

3. Digital Transformation is Changing the World

Tech Data’s VP of StreamOne, Bob Kruger, spoke about how digital transformation is changing the world. According to a 2016 Gartner report, one trillion dollars of IT spending will be affected by the 2020 cloud shift. Since processes seem to change in business minute by minute, Bob outlined the many different types of technology that can help with collaboration, which has become the norm in business. Information sharing is central to success.

Technology is changing the way we work through knowledge sharing, removing the barriers between analytics and insights, rich apps are being prioritized over infrastructure, solutions are being offered instead of just products and specialized solutions are fit for a purpose. Tech Data is transforming minute by minute through new processes such as:

  • PaaS for Fault Tolerance
  • Containers & Micro services
  • Continuous Build, Integration, Test and deployment
  • New Analytics w/Actionable Insights
  • New Technology Integration
  • Security & Federated Admin & Integrations
  • API’s

In order to adapt and thrive in the world of digital transformation, resellers should focus on commitment, continuous learning, risk taking, partnership, and have an open mind.

To find out more about security solutions, click here: http://www.techdata.com/security

For more on IoT solutions, visit our Smart IoT division here: http://iot.techdata.com

We have collaboration tools available as well. Visit http://www.techdata.com/cloud for more details.

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