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3 Reasons Why Device Refresh Is Mission Critical for Your Customers

Posted by Ally Azzarelli on Aug 17, 2018 10:30:00 AM

Did you know that 46 million small- and medium-sized businesses (SMBs) are depending on devices dating back to 2014 or even earlier? Smaller businesses often think delaying an upgrade will save them time and money. Unfortunately, this type of “PC complacency” actually increases costs and security risks, as well as slows down productivity.

Device refresh is mission-critical for businesses to transform, compete and thrive. Your customers need #NewTechNow and here’s why.

1. Upgrading equipment helps minimize security risks.

Older Windows® devices may lack the latest hardware and software security features putting data at risk. SMB customers are prime targets for security breaches – more than 50 percent of smaller businesses have suffered a data breach or cyberattack1 with the cost averaging more than $84,000 per breach.2   A Windows 10 Pro upgrade gives users built-in defenses along with the latest devices and data protection throughout the supported lifetime of the device. 

2. Old devices are costly to maintain and repair. 

PCs older than four years can potentially cost 1.5x more in repairs – that’s an average of more than $1,700 per year, per device in maintenance, repairs and lost productivity compared to new Windows devices.3

3. Dated devices decrease productivity.

PCs older than four years cause more than a 2.1x increase in lost productivity hours – costing an average loss of productivity rate of $1,260.4 Older PCs can only run approximately five applications simultaneously without performance degradation, while newer PCs can easily run eight or more.4 New Windows 10 Pro devices with 7th and 8th generation Intel® vPro™ processors keep users productive on the go with up to 25 percent more time efficiency,5 up to a 28 percent faster startup on average compared to Windows 76 and a battery that lasts up to 3x longer7 than older Windows devices.

As a trusted advisor, don’t let the “cost of doing nothing” hold your customers back from modernizing their business. Why wait for the end of Windows 7 support to hit? In an effort to avoid the last-minute Windows 10 upgrade scramble, start these refresh conversations today. Tech Data’s here to help.

From a best-in-class vendor lineup to sales and marketing enablement, Tech Data’s comprehensive #NewTechNow device refresh program makes it simple for you to upgrade your customers to Windows 10 Pro and Intel Inside. Unlock business transformation opportunities today. Visit #NewTechNow to learn more.


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About the Author
Ally Azzarelli has served as senior copywriter at Tech Data since March 2016. In this role, she’s responsible for concepting, researching and writing marketing copy for Tech Data Agency, Tech Data’s award-winning in-house marketing agency. Prior to joining Tech Data, Ally spent four years as a marketing copywriter at Bright House Networks, now Charter Communications. While with Bright House, she penned a Telly award-winning series of how-to technical web videos to assist customers with their TV, DVR, Internet and Home Security and Control services.

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