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WannaCry OutBreak Raises Concern for U.S. Healthcare Cybersecurity

Posted by Tony Cina on Jun 15, 2017 10:30:07 AM

wannacry healthcareWannacry was a warning to the U.S. Healthcare community, the chaos that ensued in the U.K. is a cautionary tale of the effects and severity of healthcare breaches. Over 300,000 companies across 150 countries were impacted by WannaCry ransomware, with the U.K. National Health Serivce (NHS) getting hit particularly hard causing thousands of operations and appointments to be canceled. An interesting note is that the NHS wasn’t targeted specifically, but became victim because its systems weren’t secure. The U.S. is not immune, already this year we have experienced some of the biggest health breaches causing detrimental impact across the board.  As the threats continue to swarm, we need to take a hard look at what can be done to improve the U.S healthcare cybersecurity or risk becoming the next headline. 

One of the reasons U.S. healthcare organizations are prime targets for cyber attacks is because patient data sells for more money on the black market than any other kind of data. Unfortunately, the healthcare industry is one of the least prepared to deal with cybersecurity threats due to their reliance on vulnerable legacy systems as well as the many medical endpoint devices that create entry points for cyber criminals.  These vulnerabilities often stem from the lack of a strong security infrastructure.

Determine Strength of Your Healthcare Cybersecurity Infrastructure as First Security “Must-have”

Recently, Healthcare IT News published an article titled “Top 10 cybersecurity must-haves for 2017where four security experts listed 10 “must-have” insights beginning with a risk assessment and finishing with the need for forensic consultants to avoid repeated cybersecurity mishaps and reduce vulnerabilities. All worthy recommendations, but I ask, doesn’t it make more sense to find out how strong your healthcare cybersecurity posture is and where you’re at risk for vulnerabilities before indiscriminately implementing policies and costly solutions and services?

Healthcare organizations that are able to capture an abundance of valuable content that produces comprehensive details about their security infrastructure are in an ideal position to validate and justify their decisions regarding what solutions and services are needed and when to implement.  However executing on this approach with “zero impact” to their security budget is challenging.

Solution Providers Gain More Credibility for Their Security Recommendations

Solution Providers need a tool to measure security safeguards without impacting their customer’s budget. Cybersecurity is a complex infrastructure of security controls, policies, audit and compliance capabilities, incident response plans, vulnerability management and patching, network segmentation, business continuity and much more. To become a trusted advisor, you need to take a holistic approach and understand the strategic initiatives of your clients in order to help them with their challenges.

Whether you’re an experienced security reseller or building a security practice, now is the time to take a proactive approach with your clients and build a validated justification for your security solutions and services recommendations. At Tech Data our partners are able to measure their healthcare client’s cybersecurity posture and vulnerabilities by leveraging our healthcare security readiness program developed by Intel. This complimentary program is confidential, non-intrusive, timesaving plus proven effective in helping healthcare organizations make more informed decisions. Let Technology Solutions dedicated team of professionals focused on both the healthcare market and security segment help you build out or augment your security strategy today.

To sign up for this security readiness program reach out to your client executive or email us at SecurityServices@techdata.com.

Download the Healthcare Security Readiness Brochure

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