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Lock It Up or Lose It – Protect Your Data with AGS Cyber Protect

Posted by Milo Speranzo on Jul 5, 2016 3:30:20 PM

data protection by AvnetCyber security breaches have exposed millions of private records over the last few years – 87 million to be exact – and it’s clear that hackers are not letting up. Federal, state and local agencies face a constant barrage of cyber attacks by organized crime, hacktivists and state-sponsored agents. To fight these threats, agencies need to update their patches and defenses, but budgets are tight and it’s challenging to retain qualified security professionals.

Many agencies aren’t equipped to handle the growing number of threats and lack the security workforce needed to defend networks and data. Agencies are also strapped for cash – forcing them to focus their time and money on immediate issues rather than security. A recent MeriTalk study, sponsored by Avnet Government Solutions (AGS), found that 11 federal departments, including Social Security, NASA and the Department of State, spend less than 1 percent of their IT budget on cyber security and the typical state or local government agency spends less than 5 percent of its IT budget on cyber security. You can’t skimp on security when your data is on the line.

To combat these challenges, government agencies are increasingly turning to Security-as-a-Service (SECaaS) offerings to give their organization the protection it needs in an affordable, flexible and reliable platform to keep sensitive information secure from complex and proliferating threats.

AGS Cyber Protect is a SECaaS offering, based on IBM’s blue chip cyber security products that gives agencies access to the security they need, when they need it. With AGS Cyber Protect, public sector agencies can deploy world-class security technologies to meet their ever-changing needs with the power and reliability of IBM solutions – whether it’s via the cloud, on-premise, off-premise, the hybrid cloud or the agency’s data center. And, the subscription-based model comes at a lower entry cost to accommodate agencies’ limited budgets.

Together, AGS Cyber Protect and IBM provide a dynamic approach to secure agencies at all levels – from the corner post office to the Department of Defense – ensuring that every level of the government is protected from cyber attacks.

Secure your tomorrow today. To get the skinny on AGS Cyber Protect, check out this data sheet, infographic and video, or reach out to your Avnet Account Manager.

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