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What You Missed at Nucleus 2016

Posted by Devin Creer on Feb 12, 2016 1:47:38 PM



If you knew your home was vulnerable to intruders, would you wait until after a break-in to install the strongest locks and security systems, or would you take action before an intrusion to protect your family and possessions?

Nucleus 2016 helped partners think security first in a day and age where 95% of data center breaches are caused by misconfigured firewalls*. Avnet + Cisco executives talked to an audience of more than 75 partners about the evolving threat landscape and how partners need to help customers address security across the attack continuum –before, during and after an attack.

The premier security event, held in Pebble Beach, CA, featured Cisco keynote speaker Bret Hartman, vice president and security CTO. His key message about the sophistication of the hacker economy resonated with partners as the sessions throughout the conference highlighted the importance of moving beyond point-in-time security products.

“The problem that the good guys have is that they move too slow,” he said. “The attackers get in and they get out faster than the defenders can do something about it. Until we can change that, until we get as fast as the attackers, the defenders lose.”

Cisco recently released the 2016 annual security report which details how security executives are not as confident in their security tools and products as they were in 2014.

Implementing Security across the Attack Continuum: Key Takeaways from Nucleus

The data center requires specialized security. The modern data center needs to be agile. The growing migration of traditional data centers to next-generation data centers, such as Software Defined Network (SDN) or Cisco’s Application Centric Infrastructure (ACI) creates security silos and inconsistency in enforcement of policies and rules. Cisco’s secure data center solutions can enable data center agility along with integrated protection.

Lead with security. As we come into the age of the 4th industrial revolution, security will be an important factor as the Internet of Everything digitizes interactions, business processes and access to information. Andrew Sage, VP of Americas Distribution, Cisco, talked about how leading with security can help partners become a trusted security advisor to their customers.

Web and Email are the top 2 attack vectors. Cisco’s Story Tweedie-Yates, Web Security Product Marketing Manager, discussed how spam makes up 86% of all email web traffic. “All it takes is one click on one malicious email to infect an entire organization,” she said.  Cisco’s web and email security solutions can integrate with your customers’ current infrastructure to deliver advanced threat protection and global threat telemetry.


Missed the event but still want to deliver next-generation security across the attack continuum to your customers? Partners interested in adding Cisco security to their portfolio can start by attending an Avnet ASA Test Drive. These sessions will give partners new to Cisco security a general overview of the products and services available through Avnet + Cisco. The remaining dates are as follows:


Avnet ASA Test Drive – Register

Date Location
February 16 Ft. Lauderdale
February 16 Bloomington, MN
February 23 Chicago, IL
February 23 Dallas, TX
March 22 Boston, MA


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