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How to “Verticalize” your Value Prop with HIMSS

Posted by Mark Shaffer on Feb 23, 2016 10:26:09 AM

In 2015, more than 100 million health records were exposed*, which means IT security for healthcare providers will continue to be a top priority in 2016 and beyond.

Healthcare, like many industries, experienced increased threats against their IT systems and data from both inside and outside sources.  These threats pose a clear and present danger to hospitals, and their administrators, as well as to individual consumers.

There are multiple reasons for the increase in IT assaults that are specific to healthcare.  First, professional hackers benefit financially by selling records on the black market.  Second, hacktivists can use this incredibly private information to harm someone for financial or political gain.  Third, disgruntled employees with intent to damage an institution or its systems, and finally, human error may unintentionally expose data.   These threats are a reality in today’s digital environment and have created a number of business opportunities for IT solution providers that can truly offer solutions and expertise.  More importantly, however, IT solution providers can help medical professionals and their institutions deliver on their obligation to maintain records in a manner that ensures patient confidentiality.

Healthcare professionals and institutions are acutely aware of what can happen when a breach occurs, so just stating that you are an IT security expert on your website or on your marketing materials is not enough to gain trust and close the deal.  One must be able demonstrate their understanding of the healthcare industry, and address specific needs and fears, in order to ensure HIPPA compliance and avoid life threatening mistakes that can be made if data is manipulated, stolen or lost.

A key component of Avnet’s SolutionsPath Engagement Process emphases the importance of "verticalizing" your specific solutions and value propositions to the unique business needs of your target market.  In order to accomplish this objective, one must understand their audience’s perspective and how these threats impact his or her organization.  In addition to other internal and external resources, the Avnet Healthcare team relies on information provided in two HIMSS documents, published annually, to understand the current state and develop strategies to address the issues mentioned above.  They are titled "The Annual HIMSS Leadership Survey" and “The Annual HIMSS Cybersecurity Survey."

These surveys are available online in their entirety to HIMSS members or in abbreviated versions to non-members.  To learn more about IT security threats and challenges today’s healthcare providers are facing utilize the links below:

26th Annual HIMSS Leadership Survey: http://www.himss.org/2015-leadership-survey

2015 HIMSS Cybersecurity Survey: http://www.himss.org/2015-cybersecurity-survey

HIMSS Security Survey Results 2008 – 2015: http://www.himss.org/ResourceLibrary/genResourceDetailPDF.aspx?ItemNumber=45424


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1) http://www.hipaajournal.com/hipaa-data-breach-report-july-2015-8068/



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