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Why Mobile Matters

Posted by Julia Andresen on Jun 18, 2019 7:16:22 PM

I recently began an internship with Tech Data’s Mobility Solutions team. At the time I joined as an intern, I thought I had a good handle on what mobility was all about. I’ve since learned that its role is much broader and has a far bigger influence in the daily lives of everyone - globally. The future of mobility is going to be exciting.

A “mobile” device literally is one that you can take with you on the go, like a smart phone. Sounds simple enough right? Being part of the generation that saw everyone with a cell phone, my understanding was that the appeal of mobile devices was their ability to keep us constantly connected interpersonally. While being connected to friends, family, etc. via talk, text, etc. is great, it’s the ability to keep us connected informationally that’s really amazing.

Mobility is much bigger than just smartphones. It includes tablets, smart watches, laptops, and anything that can be taken with you and connected to Wi-Fi, or enabled using a cellular data plan. So, while I did have a practical understanding of what mobility was, I didn’t really understand its larger significance.

With just a few short weeks into my internship with Tech Data’s Mobile Solutions team, I have learned what 5G is and its potential to completely reinvent the mobility landscape. There’s excitement on the 5G horizon and it promises economic advantages and major innovation.

Here are a few top reasons supporting the importance of mobility or, why mobile matters:

  • According to emarketer.com, in 2019, U.S. adults will spend more time using mobile devices than watching TV. This illustrates the huge shift in how Americans get their news and entertainment underscoring the growing dominance of mobility individuals’ daily lives

  • Mobile devices are not simply dedicated to audio, video, email and SMS, they are increasingly becoming a key element in healthcare. According to a survey by jamf, mobile devices in healthcare makes for happier patients. The survey also found that 90 percent of survey takers (healthcare professionals) either were already using or were in the process of implementing a mobile device initiative to improve patient care and communications between the patient and their care team.

  • Mobile technology can augment the Internet of Things (IoT). As technology evolves, its integration into our daily lives increases. The emergence of IoT devices are expanding through the Internet, supporting lifestyle conveniences by automating routine tasks. Personal use “smart” products, including watches, appliances, thermometers, security cameras, etc., are everywhere. As these devices have grown in popularity many realize how much bandwidth they take up on home Wi-Fi systems, and because many of these devices are controlled remotely via smartphone, they also use a significant amount of data. One potential solution is enabling IoT devices to be 5G compliant.

Mobile devices are not new. The technology they rely upon is constantly evolving. At Tech Data we’re excited for the future of mobility and are constantly thinking two steps ahead for the latest and greatest mobile solutions.

Tremendous opportunity exists for our customers to help their end users prepare for the network changes with device refreshes and new activations. As one of the largest solutions aggregators in the world, Tech Data’s expertise, resources and know-how can help. We have a dedicated team of mobile business experts that can help you drive revenue and profitability through total solutions. Contact us at MobilitySolutions@techdata.com or 800-237-8931 ext. 83662.

About the Author

Julia Andresen is currently interning in Tech Data’s Mobile Solutions department. She will be a senior at the University of Florida in the fall, and will graduate with a Bachelor of Science in Advertising in May 2020.


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