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The Millennials are Coming!

Posted by Angela Costa on Feb 19, 2019 6:12:20 PM

I am a Millennial… The most misunderstood generation. Often seen as entitled, whiny, self-absorbed and a general thorn in the side of the generation(s) preceding us. The truth is that we are the driving force for workplace transformation.

I have sat in countless meeting where partners and vendors, complained of the impact the Millennial generation was having on their business. Generally, in these situations, I am the only Millennial in attendance so it puts me in an interesting predicament as I serve as both the problem and the solution.

Increasingly, the success of IT practices are Millennial-dependent.Why is this and how do you adapt your business to thrive in this new transformationally-disruptive market? Well, let’s start with some facts about Millennials.

Millennials: The Basics

We were born between 1981 and 1996, making us between 38 and 23. This is one of the biggest misunderstandings I encounter. We are often described as “inexperienced,” “baby faced kids.” What seems to be overlooked is that we have been in the workforce for almost two decades. With nearly 92 million of us, we are the largest generation in history and we account for about 50 percent of the workforce. This level of representation (in the workforce) makes us a catalyst for change in the tools we need to do our jobs – a huge opportunity for the IT industry. Millennials were the first generation to grow up in the digital age. Where prior generations viewed technology as a luxury, limited to early adopters and those who could afford the accompanying price tag, we see it as a commodity.

Millennials ARE the Digital Transformation

Here are some more Millennial facts:

  1. We LOVE mobile technology. We don’t like traditional work environments. When surveyed we say we are more loyal to employers who have flexible work options and feel like we are more productive at home. Most Gen-Xers and Baby Boomers I talk to view this as a negative; it’s not. We value productivity and efficiency. Mobile technology allows us to be an anytime, anywhere digital workforce. I can personally attest to that. Some days I get more accomplished answering emails from my phone than sitting in the office for 8 hours.

    Why it matters to you: This presents a huge opportunity for end point devices, VDI, app development, carrier activations, and security software.

  2. For us, it’s all about “the experience.” Research finds we would rather spend money on a desirable experience than a physical product. Individual components are of little-to no value to us ¬unless¬ it’s a technology that helps us do our jobs better. If you can solve our problems, price tag isn’t an issue. Today’s modern businesses require modern solutions. These solutions require next-generation collaboration between technologies. Brands like Apple, Microsoft, and Samsung aren’t so successful because of their names alone. They’ve created partnership with vendors & solution providers allowing their devices to be part of a larger ecosystem of products designed to solve problems.

    Why it matters to you: It’s not Cloud, Client or Services, it’s the solution. In order to thrive in this new market, an IT practice will have a working knowledge of all of the technologies.

  3. We are a generation of subscribers. We don’t have any savings for a down payment on a house, so we just rent one. Cable is too expensive, so we just stream shows on Hulu and Netflix. We don’t want to think about what to make for dinner, so we get our food from Hello Fresh.

    We came of age during a rocky economy. Subscriptions have allowed us to have a higher quality of life and make the most out of our disposable time & income. We don’t care if it cost more in the long term, it makes it more manageable in the short term.

    Why it matters to you: More and more industries are beginning to digitally transform, many of them with a limited IT budget. “As a Service” offerings help to accelerate the overall sales motion.

Surviving the Millennial Invasion

Leverage your resources; it’s not necessary to be an expert in everything! And if you don’t know what your resources are, there’s help. Tech Data has the resources, tools, know-how and skills needed to successfully navigate the digital transformation and using next-gen solutions. Email us at MobilitySolutions@techdata.com. We’re a friendly team of Millennials who are experts in modern, efficient and cost-effective solutions created to help partners transform their business. We can help assess gaps in your eco-system and, the programs and vendors who can help!

About the Author

Angela Costa

Angela joined Tech Data in 2014 having spent just shy of a decade in cosmetic retail industry. A relative novice to the IT industry she began her career in a sales support role. She quickly found her experience in sales training and retail management gave her a unique perspective on the IT sell cycle. Having line of business experience with mobile technology she joined mobility solutions in 2016 focusing on the ruggedized mobility space. In 2017, she became part of new team within end point who focuses on outcome-based sales. Since then, she has helped partners transform their business from a transactional model to solutions based, by focusing on line of business user experience, adoption, and desired end results.

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