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The Era of 5G: What Is it & How the Next Generation of Mobile Tech Will Impact Business

Posted by Theresa Gaither on Apr 11, 2019 3:42:19 PM

“5G” – It means the 5th generation of wireless technology used in cellular and broadband connections; it’s been the buzz for a while now. Nearly a decade in development, it’s just about ready to make its debut. Mobile 5G is set to appear in some U.S. cities by mid-late this year, with an expansion of rollouts by 2020.

Why 5G is so Great

5G will augment –and eventually replace- users’ current 4G LTE connections. However, 5G is more than just an incremental improvement in connectivity. The move to 5G represents a step change forward. It brings faster speeds, lower latency and will allow users to simultaneously connect multiple devices - especially important with the ever-growing number of smart devices. Here are some specifics on what 5G will offer:

  •  Connectivity Speed: 5G is expected to bring download speeds of 50 Mbps and up; some cite upwards of 10 Gbps. Today, the average speed of 4G is 10 Mbps. For some perspective, current 4G speeds require about an hour—in perfect conditions— to download a short HD film on 4G. With 5G, full HD movies will download in seconds.
  • Lower Latency: Generally speaking, “latency” refers to the time it takes for a request -such as typing a URL into your phone- to be acknowledged. 4G latency is approximately 50 milliseconds. 5G latency is substantially lower at 1-2 milliseconds. With 5G, a typical webpage loads within one second.
  • Increased Connectivity: 5G’s faster speed and reliable internet connectivity will allow more devices to be connected simultaneously. This is important given that by the year 2021, the number of IoT smart devices is expected to be around 20 billion. Such volume will require the reliability of 5G connectivity.

5 Implications of 5G’s Impact on Business

The allure of 5G is more than blazing, never-before-seen, internet speeds. According to a report from PSB Research, 85 percent of decision leaders, analysts and tech enthusiasts expect 5G to make companies more globally competitive. With stronger, more reliable, uninterrupted connectivity, 5G is expected to have a profound impact on growth; accelerating innovation globally. Here are five areas where 5G will play a substantial role.

  • Remote working: Businesses will have fast, constant and seamless access to the internet, improving the quality and effectiveness of conference calls, as well as increased productivity from anywhere. Additionally, faster mobile connectivity on public transport will allow employees to work while commuting.
  •  More employees will migrate to cloud-based software: According to Timothy Chaves, founder of the online accounting software, ZipBooks, “Faster internet speeds lower the cost of innovation. We’ll see more people move from downloaded to cloud-based software.”
  •  Intelligent IoT devices: The number of IoT devices is expected to increase with 5G’s release, improving the efficiency of IoT-focused businesses. You can expect better data insights, stronger infrastructure and decreased vulnerability to cyber threats.
  • Ease of Recruiting: According to Fred Voccola, CEO of Kaseya, an automation software provider that offers remote management software, “5G removes barriers, so employees can effectively work anywhere. As a CEO, this offers a huge opportunity to hire the best talent no matter where they are located, and it allows companies to build and maintain offices in attractive regions – another key aspect for recruiting.”
  • Job Creation: Not only will 5G improve business, but it will increase the number of jobs available. According to wireless trade association CTIA (Cellular Telecommunications Industry Association), 5G is expected to generate 3 million new jobs, with $275 billion in direct investment and $550 billion in economic growth.

The advantages of 5G will be pervasive and indiscriminate. It’s benefits will span the globe, effecting every part of life – business and personal. For businesses looking to reduce costs, increase efficiency, accelerate their speed to market and engage customers more frequently and with greater reliability, 5G can be the differentiator between a business that thrives or one that stagnates. Ranked 83rd on the Fortune 500, Tech Data has the size and strength to help. As one of the largest solutions aggregators in the world, Tech Data’s expertise, resources and know-how can guide you through the maze of options and provide you with the choice that’s right for your business. Visit us online at www.techdata.com.

About the Author

Theresa Gaither is a copywriter at Tech Data. In her role, she writes and edits content for various Tech Data resellers, as well as creates concepts and themes for internal events. A grammar guru and wordsmith at heart, Theresa takes pride in every well-placed comma and carefully-constructed sentence.


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