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Spotlight On Jadie Stolpe and Scott Webber - The Transformational Power of 5G

Posted by Mobile Edge on Sep 9, 2020 1:26:56 AM

Taking a deep dive into the world of 5G, Authority sat down with two of Tech Data’s business development managers in the Mobile Edge space: Jadie Stolpe (Connectivity) and Scott Webber (IoT), as they shared their knowledge about 5G's impact on business, and what we can expect for telehealth, remote work, distance learning and more.

Hi Jadie, thanks for joining us. Tell us about your role as a Business Development Manager in the Mobile Edge space.

Thanks for having me! My main focus is on connectivity and motivating resellers to activate their purchased devices through Tech Data. I hold several calls a day with resellers and our internal sales teams, promoting our mobile solutions programs and the benefits of activating through Tech Data. I also advise our resellers and internal sales teams on what questions to ask when a device is requested for a bid/quote, so we can help to provide an entire mobile solution, including technologies like connectivity, security, accessories, and mobile device management, to the end user. In addition, I have operational duties, like registering opportunities for activation and identifying, improving, and implementing processes that support and enhance our business flows.    

Talk to us about the Mobile Edge and Connectivity. How is our new normal impacted by 5G and the need for strong connectivity?

The need is transformational. 5G offers lightning fast speeds, lower latency, greater network capacity and almost instant connections – which our new normal requires. It’s particularly strong in three areas: telehealth, the remote workforce, and remote learning.

To support these three areas (and many others), we need technologies that will deliver fast, secure networks that can handle increased bandwidth – which 5G permits. It also helps to level the playing field, making it possible for rural and low-income areas to gain access, through connectivity, to services that are not otherwise available.

Tell us more about 5G’s impact on these three key areas: telehealth, the remote workforce and remote learning.

In the realm of telehealth, 5G is critical for operating and managing healthcare options. Testing centers, pop-up hospitals, virtual care visits and remote patient monitoring all benefit from telehealth services. For the remote workforce, 5G provides secure connections that allow more users access to the network, and multiple benefits for teleconferencing, such as fewer dropped connections and better video quality, and the ability for workers to do their job, collaborate, and access information anytime and anyplace on mobile devices.

With remote learning, 5G enables all students to have access to materials and assignments, regardless of their location, the use of applications like virtual reality and video streaming for more immersive learning, and takes some of the manual administrative tasks, like attendance records and reinforcing rules, away from teachers so they can spend more time working directly with the students. While our new normal has definitely highlighted the need for 5G and accelerated the deployment of telehealth, the remote workforce and remote learning solutions, I believe that if we ever get back to our old normal, these solutions are here to stay, and will require safe, strong connectivity – which 5G delivers.

Thanks for joining us, Scott. Tell us what brought you to Tech Data, and what you do as a Business Development Manager!

I started my sales career when I was 18 years old in the retail wireless world. So, it is very interesting to me that I found my way back to wireless connectivity. I actually have an Environmental Degree in Sustainability Management, which taught me how to implement new, environmentally friendly practices and technology into corporate environments. I truly think this degree helps me understand new technology and how to incorporate it into new environments. Prior to Tech Data, I worked in solar panel sales.

Today, in my business development management position, I navigate our vendor channels to help create solutions centered around wireless connectivity. The partnerships that Tech Data has formed over the years, with partners like Verizon, T-Mobile and Cradlepoint, have allowed us to create a slew of vertical-based solutions that can be used to provide LTE Wi-Fi networks on demand.

The IoT space is booming with possibility. What does that mean for the Mobile Edge?

Who would have thought that by putting the “Internet into our Things,” we could provide solutions that change the way the world operates? The Mobile Edge team focuses on solutions centered around LTE connectivity. Since Tech Data is currently the only distribution source that has a relationship with all the major carriers, we are positioned to be a one stop shop for solutions building, connectivity and implementation.

We can take a small business and empower it to operate at the same level as a larger organizations. Our philosophy is this: why offer just a piece of the solution? If you only focus on sales, then your clients will talk to your competition and eventually find someone who focuses on complete outcomes. This is where the Mobile Edge team shines brighter than the North Star. We have a team of wireless consultants who are dedicated to helping you and your company create a practice around cellular connectivity and IoT solutions.

Now more than ever, why is connectivity critical for IoT success? And how does 5G enrich opportunities in all realms of IoT?

Plain and simple: we can cut the cords! Retail locations can now have remote sites with cellular based SD-WANs to operate everything from the point of sale to security cameras. First responders can have mobile communications to keep them better connected in the field and send alerts back to headquarters automatically during times of distress.

Furthermore, it’s amazing what 5G is going to be able to accomplish in the medical field. Healthcare practitioners diagnosing patients in real time, with no delays. Accurate and precise mechanical movements that could allow physicians to operate on a patient from across the country. Think of a small-town doctor tapping into the resources of a large hospital surgeon staff through robotics and 5G LTE connectivity. 5G is going to help people stay healthier and accomplish more than we thought possible.

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