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Mobility: The Portal for Future Technology

Posted by Charles Vanterpool on Jul 17, 2018 12:00:00 PM

At the recent Channel Link conference in Austin, Texas, Tech Data’s senior vice president of Endpoint Solutions, Linda Rendleman, discussed the Three Pillars of Technology and how they’ll define the future of our industry. These three pillars are Digital Transformation of the Workplace, Next Generation (3rd Platform) Technologies and the Anywhere, Anytime Workforce. Businesses selling technology know they have to master these areas if they want to stay relevant. However, doing so can seem like an impossible task. Luckily, Tech Data has done the heavy lifting for you.

Technology’s Three Pillar ‘Pyramid’

Digital Transformation of the Workplace

Many see the three pillars of technology as more of a pyramid with three levels. Level one involves digitally transforming or updating to new hardware, as well as making sure the software for the new hardware is current and protected using the latest security updates. According to IDC market research, the vast majority of businesses will allocate at least 25 percent of their budget to digitally transforming their workforce, allowing them to capitalize on rapidly approaching changes in technology trends.

Anywhere, Anytime Workforce

Currently, more than 50 percent of the workforce spends some of their time working remotely. Workers need to be able to connect with their office and colleagues from any location, regardless of where they are. Whether at the local coffee shop or traveling across the country, their business doesn’t stop and constant connectivity is now the standard.

Next Generation Technologies

Technology channel partners will need to have robust mobility practices. Mobility comprises technology’s next generation and is often referred to as “Third-Generation Technology.” Companies are projected to invest $18 billion as new technologies, like Augmented Reality/Virtual Reality (AR/VR) and 5G mature. Next-generation technology will create faster connections, increased data transfers and more automation. These changes will create a tremendous market opportunity for savvy sellers. For those who aren’t sure how to exploit this emerging opportunity, Tech Data can help. We’ve invested in the needed resources to assist you in standing up a full practice around these three pillars.

The Common Thread

So, what do the three pillars, discussed above, have in common? Regardless of the device used, they all require mobile connectivity – making mobility and a mobile solution imperative to any business strategy. Tech Data has invested heavily in mobile solutions with market-aligned teams dedicated to the specific needs of our customers. Having Tech Data as a resource allows you to focus on your business without the worry of mastering new technologies. Tech Data’s Mobility Solutions team has relationships with all the top vendors, which gives you access to the best technology and solutions, and helps you take advantage of a multi-billion dollar industry, today. For more information, contact the Tech Data Mobility Solutions team at mobilitysolutions@techdata.com.

About the Author

Charles Vanterpool is a business development manager for Client and Mobility Solutions at Tech Data in Clearwater, Fla.

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