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HIMSS 18: The Future of Healthcare IT is Here and Now 

Posted by Jadie Stolpe on Mar 29, 2018 12:00:00 PM

With almost 1,400 exhibitors and a diverse selection of educational sessions, HIMSS 18 offered attendees the chance to connect with healthcare experts and professionals showcasing their products and services in specialty areas such as connected health and telehealth, privacy, security, information exchange, analytics and innovation. Healthcare IT is continuously evolving, but some of the technologies that had been previously considered futuristic are now available and in use by a variety of healthcare providers.  Here are a few of the solutions showcased at HIMSS 18 that illustrate that “future” healthcare technologies are now a reality:

  • Telehealth/Telemedicine

Patient convenience, expansion of services to remote locales, more accessible care, and increased patient engagement are just a few of the benefits of telehealth/telemedicine. These innovations are taking telehealth from a limited use care option to a mainstream care approach.   

  • Virtual Reality

The virtual reality (VR) healthcare solutions were some of the most innovative products/solutions on display at HIMSS. VR products can now assist with medical training, pain management, physical therapy, the treatment of fears and phobias, and cognitive rehab. These virtual reality solutions are now in use in both the hospital and home environments.

  • Connected Care

Remote patient monitoring and secure digital communications (e-mail and text messaging) are two forms of connected care that offer real-time, electronic communications between a patient and a provider. Connected care solutions offer freedom from the constraints of a traditional care environment, reduce care delivery costs and facilitate early detection of medical issues while also providing improved communications on a secure and compliant platform. I expect we will see a lot more usage of connected care offerings as patients take control of and a more active role in their care.

  • Interoperability

Just as a patient’s health and successful care plan are dependent upon their ability to communicate and share information with their provider, it is critical that healthcare technology be able to communicate and share information with other platforms. There is no “one size fits all” vendor solution that solves all of the challenges faced by patients and providers, so the demand for programs that can speak to each other is only going to increase.   

  • Patient Experience

The patient experience is no longer about the patient/provider interaction only. It now entails every encounter and process involved in the care journey. Solutions for ensuring the patient has a seamless experience when scheduling, registering, filling out paperwork, receiving care, and through the discharge and aftercare process are abundant and will only increase in demand as providers realize the financial and legal impacts the patient experience can have.

HIMSS 18 provided the opportunity to see, experience, and learn about the latest trends in healthcare IT. If you missed HIMSS 18 and the chance to experience the unsurpassed innovation and education, HIMSS 19 will take place February 11-15th, 2019, at the Orange County Convention Center in Orlando, FL. For more information on solutions for the areas focused on above or general healthcare mobility, please contact Jadie Stolpe, Tech Data Mobile Vertical Expert for Healthcare and Federal, at 800-237-8931, ext. 77460 or mobilitysolutions@techdata.com.           


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