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Approaching Retail With Client and Mobile Solutions

Posted by Jess Holy on Sep 20, 2017 12:00:00 PM

Mobility is changing the shopping experience, and the retail industry has embraced the pervasiveness of mobile devices. To help you harness the potential this vertical has for your client and mobile business, we’ve derived three key benefits that you can promote to your retail customers.

Enhanced Shopping Experience

Today’s consumers are time-focused multi-taskers. Starbucks knows their customers are often on the go or rushing to work and offers coffee lovers the opportunity to use their mobile app to customize and prepay for orders prior to their arrival to avoid long lines at the counter and drive-through window. Amazon is another company that’s adopting mobile technology to create a smoother checkout experience at their newly acquired Whole Foods Market stores.

From mobile apps to digital signage to inventory tracking, this ecosystem of connectivity makes for an enhanced and efficient shopping experience for both the retailer and the consumer.

Insightful Analytics

Mobile devices are now being used to collect insights around shopper behavior and sales floor engagement. Retailers have the ability to analyze how in-store marketing affects traffic and sales by tagging consumers and employees. Technologies like WiFi triangulation, Bluetooth low-energy and even magnetic positioning work to track people anonymously, eliminating privacy issues and giving your customers a more in-depth look into their in-store shopper experience. This type of tracking can provide data around the shoppers’ path to purchase, dwell times, queue lengths and much more. This information can help improve the consumer experience through store layout updates, marketing opportunities and scheduling labor more efficiently.

Increased Productivity

Mobile devices allow your retail clients to streamline processes such as ordering, inventory and workforce management by providing information where and when it’s needed. These devices allow store associates and managers to use back-office applications like inventory management and fulfillment tools on the sales floor to increase customer engagement and sales opportunities.

What Are Your Next Steps?

Now is the perfect time to help reshape your customers’ retail business to keep up with emerging technologies and the prevalence of mobile devices. For more guidance in providing the right client device solutions for your retail customers, reach out to Tech Data’s Client and Mobile team at tdm_sales@techdata.com.









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