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The Internet of Transportation: 3 Areas for Growth

Posted by Jess Holy on Apr 3, 2017 10:00:00 AM


Great Transportation Outcomes Made Possible by Smart IoT

Many cities have begun smart transportation initiatives to optimize public transportation routes, create safer roads, reduce infrastructure costs, and alleviate traffic congestion. This is a great prospect for the growth-oriented partner and we’ve compiled a list of three sources for opportunity.

Public Transportation

Installing cameras and sensors into bus stops, as well as buses, allows for easier tracking. It enables civilians to receive real-time information of when their bus will be arriving, as well as the ability for public transit operators to gauge demand in specific areas at different times of day.1

By using this information, routes can be adjusted to meet demands, as well as save on fuel.

Reach out to public transportation operators to see how they are updating their fleets into the modern world, and introduce them to flexible, cost-effective IoT solutions.

Trucking Industry

According to the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA), all truckers/carriers are required to implement electronic logging devices (ELDs) by December 18, 2017 

An ELD is intended to help create safer work environments for drivers, and make it easier and faster to accurately track, manage, and share records of duty status data.2

Switching to this electronic logging system will eliminate more than $1.6 billion in paperwork costs while also preventing 1,844 crashes, 562 injuries, and save 26 lives annually by keeping exhausted drivers off the road.3

Start by identifying your existing or any potential fleet management customers. Survey them as to what they’re doing to comply with the new ELDs mandate. Give them information and solutions needed to meet compliance standards.

School Districts

IoT is helping keep children safer. School buses are being equipped with remote vehicle diagnostic systems, which provide detailed information about vehicle performance in real time, even when they’re on the road.4

This can provide the information needed to implement preventative maintenance and minimize time in the break down lane.

A connected school bus allows visibility for parents, to see the child’s bus route and whether it’s on time or delayed. This can make a big difference for children waiting outside in severe weather or on busy roads. It also allows visibility for school administrations, so that they can respond to incidents as they happen.

Interior and exterior cameras will allow them to identify reckless driving, not only in the bus driver, but also with civilian traffic.5

You can leverage this opportunity by contacting local school districts  and expose them to the cost effectiveness and visibility that IoT systems can provide.

Next Step: Where to Focus Your Efforts

As more and more regulations are created, and the demand for safe, efficient transportation increases, you’ll need to be equipped with the right knowledge and solutions to meet your customer’s needs.

One insight to keep in mind for leveraging the growth opportunities of IoT for public transportation, the trucking industry, and school districts, is that transportation is one of the largest verticals within IoT.

Reach out to Tech Data Smart IoT Solutions for more information to learn how we can help you tap into the IoT opportunity today. Contact us at iot@techdata.com and visit iot.techdata.com. For more information, watch our short video that paints a better picture of IoT in the year 2022. 


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