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The 2020 Data Deluge Means Huge Growth Opportunities For Channel Partners in 2021

Posted by Shannon Cronin on Dec 15, 2020 8:00:00 AM

According to PC Magazine, since the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic, data usage has increased 47 percent with 1.7MB of data created every second by every individual throughout 2020 (according to Domo). The examples below begin to illustrate the magnitude COVID-19 has had on connectivity; further accelerating exponential data growth trends.

  • Shifting from in-person doctor’s visits to telehealth and remote patient care services
  • From worker managed factory machines to remote factory system automation
  • Remote work environments which demand increased bandwidth
  • Increases in work and social Zoom meetings
  • Accelerated need for online shopping
  • More binge-watching shows and movies

Needless to say, the internet of things has become our best friend and the amount of data captured through these connected devices is a gold mine to the businesses capturing it. IDC predicts that by 2022 50 percent of all G2000 companies will have active development teams seeking to externally monetize their data to enhance traditional offerings, and/or deliver Data & Analytics as a Service.

Data Continues to Fuel Change

As businesses further engage their customers using digital tools like websites, email marketing and social media platforms, the data collected serves as highly valuable business intelligence that can help identify new customers, improve customer service and accurately forecast business trends. In addition, collecting performance data enables business optimization, providing transparency into operational and asset performance allowing leaders to make wiser investments and quickly alter business processes to become more efficient and agile.  

Many organizations keyed in on data’s business value early on and began investing in digital transformation and analytics strategies years ago. A 2019 survey from Deloitte noted that “49 percent of respondents said analytics helps them make better decisions, 16 percent say that it better enables key strategic initiatives, and 10 percent say it helps them improve relationships with both customers and business partners.” Early adopters of digital business models were less impacted by the economic effects of the pandemic and many continued to experienced business growth. These organizations are further along in their digital transformation journey and poised to take advantage of newer AI/ML technologies but there are still looking to streamline. For those still developing a data strategy, it’s not too late. With modern data technology and platforms, it’s easier than ever to breakdown data silos and automate data aggregation and analysis. Staying abreast of emerging technologies for advanced analytics, AI, IoT and determining where to focus in for immediate ROI is where channel partners can provide guidance to their customers and provide real value.

Intersecting Data Trends Provide Adjacent Opportunities for Channel Partners

As more devices and “things” get connected, repeatable IoT solutions drive business outcomes and support enterprises with best practice examples as they collect and analyze data to aid in decision-making processes – spanning numerous verticals including healthcare, industrial, retail and smart cities.

With data security threats on the rise and data residing in the Cloud, on prem and everywhere in between organizations must implement Data Governance programs that leverage subject matter experts from across the business and IT and ensures self-service IoT and decentralized analytics practices.

Successful Digital transformation requires a data mindset and culture where individuals from the business and various IT departments work together to improve processes to ensure successful technology deployment and adoption. Today, many companies are looking for guidance on how to leverage newer technology but also leverage best practice to streamline processes and people to truly transform with a data driven culture.

Ask your customer if they have a formal Digital Transformation Strategy and Data Governance initiative(s) underway. Your current company contact could be involved and most likely knows what is driving decisioning for technology and/or process improvements to provide insight for relevant alignment of support.

Alliance Partnerships are Key – Let Us Help You Unlock and Open New Doors

Thinking IoT, analytics or AI is too complex and not sure where to start? Or, are you expanding your data expertise with a new focus area or new technology to market and need support? You are not alone. Tech Data is here to help regardless of your entry point and maturity level within the market space.

  • Looking for Analytics technology knowledge? With Tech Data’s Data & Analytics Enablement Guide we help you explore technology segments adjacent to your current customer needs and or vendor focus. Start by exploring Tech Data’s SPI tool (click on “analytics” in the navigation pane) or reach out to me via e-mail to explore the interactive resource.
  • Searching for a specific IoT use case to address your customer need? Tech Data’s IoT Solutions Catalog currently consists of 60 repeatable, scalable and proven solutions purpose-built to resonate with your current customer base AND, provide examples of adjacent sales opportunities. Download Tech Data’s IoT Solutions Catalog or contact us to receive a copy of our Covid-19 Response Catalog.
  • Wanting to expand your Analytics and IoT practice or bring on a new solution to market? Tech Data’s award-winning Practice Builder™ methodology helps partners develop specialization and differentiation while enhancing growth potential.
  • Needing to fill a gap in your delivery services? Tech Data’s Analytics and IoT Service Provider Program can match you with a Tech Data expert or 3rd party partner vetted by TD to ensure channel synergy.
  • Looking to talk to a Subject Matter Expert?   Tech Data Coaches Community provides access to a network of Technology Consultants with a mix of expertise within IoT, Data Analytics, Cloud and Data Security as well as a variety of business planning and marketing skillsets.

Thanks to Tech Data’s vast array of partnerships within the vendor community and solution providers alike, we are uniquely positioned as a solutions aggregator with a broad perspective to help channel partners meet their customer’s evolving demands. Contact us at iot.analytics@techdata.com to learn more.

About the Author

Shannon Cronin is a business development leader with over 22 years of client services and sales experience. Currently, Shannon serves as a consultant for Tech Data's IoT and Data Solutions Practice and she is based out of Boulder, Colorado supporting partners in the Americas.








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