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Mobile World Congress 2017: Tech Data Smart’s Recap

Posted by Lisa Sparks on Mar 10, 2017 12:14:43 PM
Lisa Sparks

Tech Data’s IoT division, Tech Data Smart IoT Solutions, presented a showcase of cutting-edge IoT resources at the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona from February 27 to March 2. During the global gathering of the world’s foremost thinkers, vendors, and engineers in the mobile world, Tech Data Smart featured end-to-end solutions for organizations looking to leverage the benefits of IoT. 

The showcase focused on areas of manufacturing, retail, logistics and transportation, and mobile solutions. More than 3,000 Mobile World Congress attendees passed through the showcase and sampled the IoT technology on display, such as:


Temperature and humidity-control systems that monitor the climate in warehouses and adjust the internal climate accordingly.



A smart parking solution that used sensors to notify drivers of available parking spaces.



RFID systems that scanned multiple items within one pallet of products. 

One of the highlights of the IoT showcase area was the interactive nature of the display. All visitors to the Tech Data Smart area were able to control and track the data collected from the operations of the mini-city display in real time. Attendees came away with the realization Tech Data Smart provides end-to-end solutions for manufacturing production monitoring, fleet management and smart vehicle routing, proactive loss prevention in retail, and building management systems.

For more information on the solutions displayed at Tech Data Smart’s Showcase during Mobile World Congress 2017, visit http://iot.techdata.com.

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