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Keys to Effective Analytics Software Sales Cycles

Posted by Colleen Balda on Nov 17, 2017 12:00:00 PM

The availability of information about products and services, from choosing a restaurant for lunch to implementing enterprise-wide analytics software, empowers modern consumers and businesses to become more educated and proactive than ever before. Such detailed data means the competition is more robust than in the past because these consumers can easily compare products and prices. Also, the expectations of the products and services’ derived value has increased. To be effective in getting through the noise to end customers, salespeople need to stand out as trusted advisors and leaders who add value and solve complex customer challenges.

Salespeople face challenges like getting responses from prospects, engaging multiple decision makers, and identifying and presenting appropriate solutions. Because sales cycles have so many idiosyncrasies, especially for analytics and software, its imperative that once a customer responds and a lead becomes qualified, that the solution presented is appropriate and compelling. 

There are three significant areas where an analytics sales cycle can go wrong:

  • Lack of upfront discovery
  • Poor presentation of technology tied to business value and practical use of software
  • Inappropriate calls to action or next steps proposed

Often a sales rep fails to ask the right questions to tailor a solution presentation to the customer. Without the rep conducting proper discovery and understanding the pain points of the stakeholders, its impossible to present the technology appropriately. The sales rep must articulate the context of the customer challenges to their sales engineer who will be performing the solution presentation. With many cycles going on at once, and many different customers to consider, this communication can be mishandled.

In turn, the sales engineers who perform product/software demos tend to be technical resources, who might be experts in their field, aren’t necessarily the right resource to tie a technology demo back to the value for the business and the highlights of the product. Because of this potential disconnect between multiple parties on the selling end, messaging to the customer can be confusing and can result in unclear or even misguided calls to action and next steps.

If the end customer isnt excited by a product demo, its impossible to move forward. Without a compelling demo, a customer won’t agree to a deeper dive or next steps. With a hesitant customer, even recommending next steps becomes a challenge.

To solve these issues and make analytics sales cycles more effective, Tech Data has created a resource to enable partners to navigate these challenges. Our Data Analytics Demo in a Box Resource Kit is software product specific.

With this kit, sales reps and technical sales engineers will be able to work together to do five key things:

  • Tell a story to depict technology solving problems
  • Tie each facet of the tool back to the vendor messaging of product highlights
  • Relate the tool back to specific customer pain points
  • Elicit further opportunity details through discovery and demo
  • Address the competitive landscape to “out value” the competition

Partners can utilize a variety of resources from pre-sales questions, demo scripts and post demo calls-to-action to be more efficient. All of this content can be found on the Knowledge Network and is easily accessible in a modular format. Reps can simply pick and choose the areas in which they need assistance, download the content and win sales cycles.

Tags: Analytics, Sales, Internet of Things (IoT)