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IoT Solutions: Helping Resellers Solve for the Pandemic

Posted by Jeremy Packer on Sep 15, 2020 2:54:04 PM

Something has occurred…
To say 2020 has been disrupted would be an understatement; but that disruption has also brought about new opportunities for channel partners looking to support the public’s need for reducing the threat of pandemics through increased protection from invisible, illness-causing agents.

As a result, safety, security, compliance and business continuity have all become top of mind. The Internet of Things (IoT) provides the perfect incubator for bringing a virtually endless array of solutions to market.

When the pandemic hit, most businesses were not prepared for the operational disruptions that emerged. Jobs were lost, sales tumbled, and for those able to withstand the economic assault, revenues dropped to precarious levels. Months later, business leaders are vigorously restructuring operations to build stronger, more resilient enterprises in preparation for whatever comes next. As with anything, out of crises arise opportunities – opportunities for advancing the health and welfare of people and opportunities for businesses and supply chains. With needs ranging from providing safe work environments that are adequately prepared for social distancing, to featuring hygiene stations and body temperature monitoring tools, to caring for proper ventilation indoors, population centers everywhere are adapting to the new realities dictated by this pandemic.

Solutions enabling resellers to rapidly adapt, innovate and deliver value while building virtual connections

As the premiere global solutions aggregator, Tech Data’s partnership with the leading technology vendors has resulted in a series of scalable, repeatable, vetted solution offerings that leverage an end-to-end portfolio of technologies intended to meet the challenges rising from the current pandemic. To showcase these new game changing solutions, a COVID-19 Response Solution Catalog has been developed to enable partners to continue delivering value to their customers in the ‘new normal.’  In partnership with our vendors, this catalog features new solutions spanning these four categories: Social Distancing, Safety, Sanitization and Remote Healthcare.

An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure

It’s incumbent upon us all to recognize the need to think/act in a healthier fashion – both personally and from our employers.  IoT solutions help businesses avoid the unnecessary risks associated with interpersonal transmission of viruses and other germs. Businesses are adopting product messaging specific to devices monitoring vital signs and/or indicators someone may be at risk (think smart watches, Fitbits, etc.).  How does IoT lean into that?  Those wearables are all edge devices meaning they compute data within the unit itself rather than flowing data back to a data center for analysis. IoT makes those devices connected to apps and cloud platforms via internet/Wi-Fi/Bluetooth.

Moreover, because of the innovation, collaboration and opportunities being presented, new integrated solutions are constantly being designed and brought to market.  All the while, the ingenuity and readiness of these solutions continues to make their development more critical in today’s marketplace.

Download your complimentary copy of Tech Data’s COVID-19 Response Solutions Catalog and learn more about IoT and Data Solutions around Thermal Temperature Monitoring, Social Distancing, and Workplace Safety. We also invite you to contact us at iot@techdata.com or visit us online

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