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Cisco Live 2017: Tech Data Smart IoT Solutions Recap

Posted by Jess Holy on Jul 24, 2017 10:00:00 AM

The Tech Data Smart IoT Solutions team recently showcased our capabilities as the IoT aggregator of choice at Cisco Live in Las Vegas, NV. At the conference, the Tech Data Smart team enlightened partners, customers, and vendors alike on its end-to-end solutions through their smart city model, while providing meaningful engagement to booth visitors from kickoff to close of conference.

As the big showstopper of Tech Data Smart’s presence at the show, the smart city model showcased how key technologies can provide desirable business outcomes within the following verticals:


The model made it easy to visualize how data from CO, CO2, oxygen, and propane sensors can be utilized to maintain workplace safety. With these sensors in place, the monitoring and containment of poisonous gases is simple.

Logistics and Transportation

RFID tags make sure that all items are accounted for in their proper places, and the model showcased that RFID tags can track assets in-transit or onsite. It also demonstrated how GPS tracking and accelerometers provide insight into where vehicles travel, if they move outside of proper perimeters/routes, and if they maintain safe speeds in transit.


In the scale version of the retail store, visitors could see how beacons could increase sales from loyal and new customers by broadcasting personalized marketing offers within stores. 

Smart Spaces

The smart spaces section of the model showed how smart collaboration systems and POE (Power Over Ethernet) devices boosted productivity and interaction effortlessly across geographically separated teams and cut costs by utilizing smart lighting and next-gen HVAC systems.

Your Smart IoT Solutions Aggregator

Visitors of the booth came away with the realization that Tech Data Smart IoT Solutions is more than just a partner—but their smart IoT solutions and data analytics aggregator. The team leverages their technology partner ecosystem to provide aggregated, end-to-end, ready-to-deploy IoT solutions with best-of-breed components, ranging from fulfillment and secure connectivity of ‘things’ to data aggregation, analytics, and applications.

For more information on how partners can monetize the IoT opportunity, the Tech Data Smart IoT Solutions team can be reached via their portal at iot.techdata.com or through email at iot@techdata.com.

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