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A $96 Billion Opportunity… Want a Piece?

Posted by Sophie Lheritier on May 31, 2019 4:46:55 PM
Sophie Lheritier

In a recent article published by Andrea Miner, director, Consulting Services, Data, Analytics and IoT Solutions, Andrea discussed the staggering amounts of data that are being generated daily - 2.5 quintillion bytes... 2.5 quintillion proof points that underscore the transformative state the world is going through.When we start to peel back the layers of our now digitally-dependent lifestyles – both personal and professional – it becomes easier to understand how we got to this previously unimaginable proliferation of data; not to mention the mounds of data generated by the Internet of Things (IoT) and its “smart” devices and ecosystems – smart refrigerators, smart homes, smart cities, smart utilities.For a deeper dive into the factors propelling us to 2.5EB[1] of data daily and its implications within the channel, you can read Andrea’s full article here.

Corralling and managing this magnitude of data is significantly disruptive to “traditional” data management methods and processes. This presents new challenges and with new challenges come new opportunities.  

Consider this – the Analytics and IoT market is predicted to grow to $96B in net new revenue by 2021.­­  Take a moment to let that sink in.  

  • 2.5 quintillion bytes of data generated daily
  • $96B in net new revenue opportunity by 2021

Why it’s Important that Tech Data and Tech Data Partners Win in this Space

IoT PoP article-3IoT and Analytics represents the single largest growth opportunity in the market, requiring an ecosystem of partnerships. Such numbers can be overwhelming; potentially triggering a bout of “analysis-paralysis.” Don’t let that happen. If ever there was a time to let your FOMO (Fear of Missing Out) kick in, this is it. The reality is that channel players who choose to ignore this challenge and opportunity run a very real risk of slipping into obsolescence and obscurity. 2021 is only two short years away.

OK, Let’s Dig In

When we ask partners why they are slow (even reluctant) to move into this space, their responses can come in a variety of flavors:

IoT article2

Recognizing this hesitation in the channel, Tech Data’s Analytics and IoT Specialists are helping partners and their clients be successful in this space. Our strategic ecosystem bridges the gaps, allowing partners to leverage Tech Data’s repeatable solutions, vertical expertise and vendor relationships.

 We have the resources, relationships and resident experts to help you wrangle the
challenge and capitalize on this exciting opportunity

We’ve Taken the Complexity out of the Equation for You

Our partners’ sales forces need a surefire enablement tool and repeatable solutions is the answer. This approach provides something tangible to sell, a solution and a use case that enables partners to address business outcomes.  Tech Data’s focus on repeatable, multi-vendor solutions removes the complexities of analytics and IoT for our partners. By enabling partners with repeatable solutions, we provide the “something to sell,” remove the complexity and make analytics and IoT feasible and scalable.

Not Sure Where to Start?

In June and July, Tech Data is hosting a series of 1 ½-day Analytics and IoT at Scale Practice Builder Workshops.  Each workshop is an enablement program designed to help you accelerate your time to market using­­ a simplified engagement model. Tech Data has done the heavy lifting in bringing scale to analytics and IoT.  Through our proven Practice Builder methodology, identified use cases and ready-made repeatable solutions, we help you deliver outcome-driven solutions faster. The methodology is industry proven and recognized success model.

IoT article3

Accelerate Your Time to Market 

Attending the program will better position you to become an analytics and IoT hero by enabling you to sell a repeatable, use case-based analytics or IoT solution within 90 days of attending the workshop. Within the first year, you can expect to reap the financial rewards of your efforts which will be directly related to the repeatable solution you take to market. What follows is the “Halo Effect.” Your efforts start to create drag across your business and you start to see revenue growth that is not directly related to Analytics or IoT – potentially upwards of $1 million over the course of five years. 

This program is designed to jump-start your practice whether you are just starting out in this space or looking to expand your existing practice. We have three tracks to help accelerate your journey. 

  • Starter - You have a fundamental knowledge of technologies but little to no Analytics or IoT practice.
  • Transformer - You have an Analytics or IoT practice and are looking for ways to scale and accelerate this segment of your business.
  • Accelerator - You have repeatable Analytics and IoT solutions and are looking for ways to refine your business model to capture more market share.

Don’t miss this opportunity!  To learn more about this exciting opportunity email us at iot@techdata.com

About the Author 

Sophie Lheritier is a solutions marketing and enablement consultant at Tech Data.  She has been working in the channel for 18+ years, and is passionate about helping channel partners seize and maximize the opportunity that awaits all of us.

[1] Exabyte (EB) is one quintillion bytes 

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