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4 Key Characteristics of a Successful IoT Partner

Posted by Jess Holy on Mar 20, 2017 10:00:00 AM


Tech Data Smart IoT Solutions’ Advice for an Effective IoT Business.

A smarter, more connected world is quickly approaching – one in which information technology and operational technology fuse, offering unbound opportunities to advance your business. By 2022, the Internet of Things (IoT) will be a $19 trillion industry1. The key to surviving this digital disruption is effectively monetizing IoT.

IoT is shifting how you do business and the definition of business success. It’ll be defined by the long-term value generated by the value-added partner. This shift demands that to be successful, you’ll need to be the professional relationship builder, behaviorist, and strategic advisor who takes your customers’ business personally.2 
Through research of this growing opportunity, we’ve compiled four key characteristics that will make for a thriving partner who optimally monetizes IoT.

Successful IoT partners: 

  • leverage the ecosystem of smart IoT offerings, from sensors and actuators to virtual objects and people, by integrating devices (“things”) and smart data into a collective platform.

  • understand how to design and sell IoT solutions like GPS tracking systems and smart office spaces, from a range of verticals (manufacturing, transportation, smart spaces, and retail), around their customers’ individual business challenges.

  • employ businesses and financial advisors that provide expert consultation on optimizing shifting business models.

  • use the expertise of data scientists; people familiar with how to analyze and decipher data produced from connected things, who can leverage it to make strategic business decisions.
A key first step to creating an IoT business is to outline your budget and implementation strategy for the products, services, and offerings you feel most equipped to offer your client base. Beyond developing your strategy, a good second step would be to identify existing customers that could benefit from building out their practices into the smart data realm through IoT.3
Reach out to Tech Data Smart IoT Solutions for more information to learn how we can help you tap into the IoT opportunity today. Contact us at iot@techdata.com and visit iot.techdata.com. For more information, watch our short video that paints a better picture of IoT in the year 2022 and how it will affect the way you do business. 


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