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Spotlighting Expertise:  Reducing Data Center Complexity with Hyperconverged Infrastructure

Posted by Steven Kelley on Sep 29, 2020 6:40:31 PM
Steven Kelley
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In a recent story on her LinkedIn page, Tech Data’s Director of Converged and Integrated Solutions, Maghen Hannigan, cites IDCs prediction that by 2025, worldwide data will grow exponentially, resulting in 175 zettabytes, with as much of this data residing in the cloud as in data centers.

 Even for those who make their living in the world of data and data management, 175ZB may be a little esoteric in the abstract, so, let’s put it into meaningful context (courtesy of IDCs Senior Vice President, David Reinsel).


If one were able to store 175ZB onto BluRay discs, then you’d have a stack of discs that can get you to the moon 23 times.


As the current business climate continues to attract an influx of business-critical data from connected devices and IoT; prompting an increase in demand for e-commerce, experts in IT frameworks that combine storage, computing into a single system (hyperconvergence), are needed to reduce data center complexity and increase scalability.

In part one of the September 24 story posted on her LinkedIn site, Hannigan discusses these complexities and gives us deep dive into understand the challenges they present. Click the button below to check out her story on LinkedIn.

HCI & Data Complexity

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