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Shifting to a Green Data Center

Posted by Ben Blakeley on Mar 23, 2021 10:09:44 AM

As we move into a digitized world, what does that mean for the data center? The data center is evolving. Data is not always centralized and we’ve seen that the future of the data center lives in the cloud. Data is everywhere now and the rise of cloud infrastructure and software is changing the way we think about on-premise data centers.

With the evolution and transformation of the way data is stored and processed, there is another novel concept that is reimagining the typical data center. The green data center, or sustainable data center, is the next biggest trend in the technology industry. Energy-efficient technologies and the circular economy are completely transforming the data center of the past.

Sustainability & The Circular Economy

In recent years, there has been a shift from a linear economy to a circular economy. In a linear economy – or the take-make-waste model – products are used and then thrown away, whereas, a circular economy looks beyond that with the goal is to make better use of the Earth’s limited resources.

The circular economy – also referred to as “circularity” or a “closed-loop system,” – is an economic system focused on the elimination of waste and resource overuse by designing out waste and pollution, keeping products and materials in use, and regenerating natural systems. This can be achieved through repairing, refurbishing, remanufacturing, and recycling resources to reduce harmful waste, carbon emissions and pollution.

The technology industry is beginning to adopt the concept of thinking green. By pushing the boundaries and thinking of the customer lifecycle, thinking green can benefit resellers and customers alike. There are long-term benefits to shifting to a sustainable approach and adopting the circular economy model, such as the ability to extend budget and decrease lead times with refurbished, recertified products. Infrastructure is integral to business success and it’s time to start thinking not only about what our infrastructure is going to do for us today, but what the infrastructure can do for business tomorrow.

Consumers are changing the way they buy. Decision factors are expanding beyond best price. We are seeing that consumers care about the service they are given, brand loyalty and reputation, and even social responsibility. There is now a hyperawareness of the products that are being bought and consumed, one of those points being sustainability and the potential carbon footprint.

The Data Center is Evolving

The digital revolution is here and our world is changing. Data is at the cornerstone of this new era.

What’s driving the next generation of digitization is cloud infrastructure and software. Data is no longer centralized. Rather, data is being stored in the cloud, on edge sites, or on the remote workforce’s personal computers.

But, what’s driving the shift to cloud infrastructure even more than the behaviors of end-users today is the software need. Software applications are a huge driving force towards the need of a focus on cloud infrastructure.

The consumer’s question and buying influence has shifted from, “what infrastructure am I building out to store data in a physical space,” to “what infrastructure am I building out to get the best software application experience?”

All that said, the data center is not dead. Although Gartner predicts that by 2025, 80 percent of enterprises will shut down their traditional data centers, an on-premise data center is still integral to mission-critical business processes.

We are at the precipice of reshaping how a data center looks, part of that being the actual physical footprint. With a healthy balance of both cloud and on-premise data storage, there is an opportunity to greatly reduce the physical data center’s footprint, reducing power needs and reducing cooling needs.

Green Data Center Options

Data centers are now expected to do more with less, whether that’s with less equipment, less footprint or less waste. The goal is to maintain a high level of performance with as little as possible. Additionally, getting the equipment you need can take longer which could potentially lead to downtime if not planned right. Which, considering all the factors, can seem impossible and expensive.

A sustainable, green data center can be achieved without breaking the bank. One solution for data centers that need to extend their budget, maintain and achieve optimal efficiency, while at the same time shrinking their carbon footprint is Cisco Refresh.

Cisco Refresh offers recertified, recycled Cisco gear. The same solutions are offered, however, the difference is you are getting the equipment recertified and refurbished all at a reduced price point than new solutions – with the safety of knowing that you are protected under a warranty.

Tech Data is among the largest solutions aggregator globally, representing all of the top technology vendors. We understand the constraints of lead times, component level pieces, and the best way to position the right solution for your consumers. We can help you place Cisco Refresh products where appropriate to help meet consumer’s business goals while helping maintain mission-critical processes. As the digitized future continues to gain momentum, Tech Data has the capabilities and resources to help. Contact us at Cisco Manufacturer Store (techdata.com).

About the Author

Ben Blakeley is a vendor business executive with Tech Data Cisco. In his role, Ben develops go-to-market strategies focused on Cisco cloud infrastructure and software solutions. Ben has over ten years of experience in IT Distribution with expertise in strategy, partner development, and driving next-gen technologies. Connect with Ben on LinkedIn.

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